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Nitaya Thammasithiboon Sepeda November 25, 2014

My 4-year old son started in August 2014, so impressed with NGMS!!! He loves this school! It is never a struggle in the morning, he always wants to go to school! He is learning by leaps and bounds! I wish I started him here sooner!

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Michael Sepeda November 25, 2014

My 4-year old son just started in August and he loves it!!! I cannot believe how much he has improved not just academically but also socially! He started reading the second month of his enrollment in NGMS, he never was enthusiastic about reading, until now!!! Now he wants to read non-stop at home!! Thanks so much NGMS!

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Jun Angela November 25, 2014

Almost half a year ago when I was looking for a school for my not yet 3year old boy I visited approximately 28 different school in DFW area. I was willing to drive the distance and tuition wasn't a major priority. My boy is shy and I introverted. I'm a full time mom and I enjoy spending every waking hour with him. When it finally occurred to me that it is in his best interest to mingle with his peers given his personality. I was set out to look for the best school that's worth every penny and second. I'm a kind of mom that reads faculty articles, parenting books and teaching tools obsessively. Ultimately, decision came down to NGMS and two others. My criteria included safety, teacher-student ratio, motives of teachers, parent involvement, commitment, goal of school (non profit, for children), patient&loving environment, diverse culture, diverse background, and results. NGMS was only school that earned to have these characteristics. Even after earning trust from my husband and I, we still visited school couple times over a course of a month until we finally decided. My son had couple try-out sessions with the school and he gave positive response so we decided to send him to NGMS. Ultimately, it's been 6 months and I'm glad we were extra "neurotic" with researching potential schools because every morning I watch my son expressing excitement to go to school. I know I made the right decision.

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Priscila Santiago May 10, 2014

Update: Our son has been attending NGMS for the past two years. When he started school he was a shy boy who barely talk to anyone. The difference that we have seen in his willingness to participate, his knowledge and his behavior has been outstanding. His language, fine motor, reading and math skills have immensely improve. The staff at NGMS makes sure that the children develop and strengthen their skills, but the students are also expected to be polite and self sufficient and are taught how to be independent in daily life matters. We feel our son is safe and well taken care of at NGMS. He loves going to school, and when he comes home he always talks about what he learned that day. Both my husband and I have graduate degrees in both of our fields, and we are amazed at the level of complexity of many of the lessons our son receives at school, and how well he process and understands all the new information he is presented with. NGMS methodology is like no other, as it doesn't work by the use of memorization, but rather using analysis, comprehension and independent thinking. We truly appreciate the excellent work Mr. Manooch and all of the teachers have done with our son, and we are thankful for all the love and care they have always shown him. Thanks to NGMS he is now a more confident child. We will continue to apply all that we, as parents, have learn from the school in terms of disciplining and helping our son to develop his knowledge. You can be sure that we will continue referring all our friends who are looking for the best school, as we did two years ago. Today we can proudly say that we have given him the foundation of what we know will be a bright future. 5 months ago My son has been attending NGMS for 1 and a half year. Before we enrolled him he was having trouble focusing to learn even the basic things, such as the colors and letters. My husband and I were getting worried, so we started looking for a preschool. When I went to meet Mr. Manooch and took the school tour I knew that NGMS was the school he needed. The calm environment, the friendly staff, and the quality of education were excellent and just what we were looking for. Within one week at NGMS we noticed a lot of changes in our son, both academically as well as in his behavior. He no longer had problems recognizing the letters and colors. During his first year he also learned phonetics, numbers, geography, and his favorite: science. He loves to talk about the parts of the plants, the water cycle, and how some materials will decompose, among other things. My husband and I also love how social our son has become. He was a very shy boy, but with the help of Mr. Manooch, Ms. Anne and all the teachers he has improved a lot. As first time parents sometimes we have questions about discipline and about what methods we should incorporate to help our son succeed academically. At NGMS they are always available to answer all our questions and give us the advice we need. My husband and I are very pleased with the NGMS method and the friendly and caring staff, and we know our son is in a safe learning environment. We have recommended the school to friends and coworkers and will continue doing so.

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Austin Clift May 10, 2014

The staff is professional and courteous. My daughter has adored and loves all of the teachers and staff at the school. My daughter started the school when she was two (is now 3) and everyday comes home stating something new (whether its counting in German or saying thank you in Spanish)! She is always happy when I pick her up because she had a great day at school. She is sent home with her completed school work once a week. There is a farm with chickens, as well as rabbits, and lots of plants for the children to grow with. You may choose to make a lunch for your child or pay a reasonable amount in addition to the standard tuition to have meals provided. This is truly a Montessori school, so don't expect there to no accountability from you as the parent, which is great because I want my child to be around other children whose parents make the emotional and intellectual development of their child a priority over the cheapness and convenience of the school.

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Mona Wassef May 10, 2014

Best kept secret in Garland TX. Update 1/30/2014 I want to add to this review since we enrolled my younger child in the toddler class. I was extremely worried about enrolling her since she has been never been to a daycare, school setting. I have to say that the observation day was a little difficult but with the skill of the NGMS staff they requested a second observation day and I could not believe the difference. She walked with Miss Ann and simply went to class, very little crying and in just two days she seemed to be enjoying school and simply telling me bye in the morning. I will keep posting updates but I cannot thank the staff at NGMS enough. Their work truly shows with the children. I could have never imagined sending her to school and going to work at this early age and if it was not for NGMS and the wonderful work they do with my oldest daughter I would not even have considered it. My daughter attends North Garland Montessori School and she loves going to school everyday and is very sad to leave for the day. We highly value education and we spent a lot of time looking for a great school, we previously attend other "Montessori" schools and I can confirm that the only relationship they had with the Montessori method is the name. The Montessori method is not copy righted and any school can call themselves Montessori. North Garland Montessori school is a true Montessori school and they follow the Montessori method and they have Montessori certified teachers. You can see that when you visit the school and the classes are so calm and the kids are engaged and learning, it is just amazing. My child is learning so much and she loves the teacher and her classmates. I love to take her everyday and I know she is in good hands and will be doing her best to learn and grow in a wonderful environment. NGMS does not only focus on education but they are also amazing with discipline and handling each child well. I can see my child's behavior improved within a few weeks of attending, I am always getting comments about her good behavior and her knowledge for her age. If you value education and truly want to ensure your child is getting a wonderful education please do not hesitate to take a tour and take to the staff. The staff are wonderful and very helpful as well.

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Remy Joel May 10, 2014

Our 2-year-old son has been attending NGMS for about a month now, and he has made outstanding progress ever since. He is always so excited to go to school and comes home with new words, numbers, nursery rhymes, and skills to share. He has also become a lot more independent and social since attending. My husband and I really can't say enough good things about this school and all of the dedicated staff. From what I've seen, all the teachers there are so incredibly caring and attentive of all the children that attend, which is exactly what parents want for their children. Ever since my son attended this school, he starts all his requests off with a "please" and ends them all with a "thank you." I love that they are helping me build a strong foundation for my son with good manners, strong values, and a solid head start on his education.

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Lydia Wangai May 10, 2014

My 6yr old daughter has been at this school for about two years. I wanted to give it at least a year before reviewing because you learn a lot about the culture at the school through your child. When I first visited NGMS, I had been to several private schools in Garland, and as a mother you have that feeling when you walk into the halls of a school and consider leaving your child there. When I walked into NGMS, I observed the behavior between the children and teachers, between the teachers themselves, and the relationship with the Principal. The children were extremely well mannered, the school halls, bathrooms were clean, and most importantly the children were happy. My child has grown immensely during her time here, she is excited about learning, looks forward to her day in school. She is learning Spanish, Chinese and German, they play Chess in the afternoons, they learn about different cultures which is encouraged and teaches children to be tolerant to everyone. During my daughter's time here, only one teacher has left. Most of the staff is long term which makes it feel like a second family to my child, giving her a sense of belonging. If you are considering a Montessori in the North Garland area, I would highly recommend it. You will not be disappointed :)

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Akram Abdullah May 10, 2014

We enrolled our son in NGMS after finding out he had a slight speech impediment. He should have been a bit further in expressing himself. We enrolled him in NGMS with hopes of helping with this issue. My wife and I worked more with him. We contacted Early Childhood Intervention, who provided speech therapist help. NGMS also allowed ECI to come in to monitor our child. This was back in early 2010. Since then he has been verified as not needing speech therapy through ECI. Currently we still have him enrolled in NGMS. Looking at him today he has surpassed my expectations of him at this age. He not only expresses himself but he generate conversations that envolves how he fits into the progression of things. He reads with understanding of words. He is conscience of his surroundings. He shows signs of abstract intelligence. He also has a good since of intelligent humor. He is clearly above his age level. I admire the eating habits the school enforce (No sugar). Although he asks for the candy bars, he is selective when it comes to what he eats. He is not aggressive but he likes to wrestle with me every now and then. Even then I get his mood as saying lets spend some time together dad. I am impressed with the man it looks like he will grow into. I can not sit here and say that NGMS is the sole responsible entity that is molding him into this type of person. I have to give the most credit to my wife for she is a stay at home mom. She spend alot of time with him. She is the one who encourages me the most to spend monies to keep him in the NGMS environment. NGMS is the tool she/we use to bend him in the direction both of us recognize as being the best schooling environment for him. I know I can speak for my wife. We are well pleased with the NGMS environment and teaching program used to help bring our son to the character he displays today. He is not just smart. He is a well rounded individual. Indeed we are pleased. Being able to write about our experience with NGMS helps me reflect on the importance of our son's education. Thank you Mr. Mannoch and teaching staff. and Thank you Baby (to my Wife)

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Ankita Rana May 10, 2014

My son Viraj Rana started NGMS last year in the fall 2012 at the age of 3years old. Viraj stayed home for the first three years of his life and he did not speak English. After starting at NGMS his behavior has improved as well as his language skills. He speaks English very well now thanks to the great program that NGMS provides for the children. They have an excellent curriculum. They focus on art, math, science, language. The teachers and staff make learning fun. Viraj loves his teachers and enjoys going to school. I would highly recommend NGMS to any of my friends and family. It’s a great and safe place to have your child get a great start in their education. Thank you, Ankita Rana

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Blen Tesfayesus May 10, 2014

My Name is Blen Tesfayesus, RN, MSN, FNP-C. When I was only 21 years old, I received my Bachelor’s Degree in nursing, passed my board exam and proudly earned my title registered nurse. I worked as a pediatric and adult nurse for about 2 years and pursued my education. Only 5 years later, I earned my Master’s Degree in Nursing, passed my board’s exam and once again proudly earned my title Family Nurse Practitioner. I worked for about 3 years as a FNP and continued my education. I am currently a Doctor of Nursing Practice student with 1.5 year left to go. I have a brother who is a Juris Doctor (Lauyer) who has also earned his PhD in economics; a sister who has her Master’s in Buisness Administration (MBA); and another brother who has a Master’s in Biomedical engineering, a PhD candidate and 7 patents holder. And yes there is only the 4 of us in the family. DO YOU SEE THE TREND? Education plays a very important role in my family. My son who is now 3 joined North Garland Montessori (NGMS) when he was 2. He had previously joined New Century Montessori and I pulled him out of there very dissatisfied with the progress he had failed to fulfill. I was looking for a school with a very high quality of education and family oriented. This school has not only provided quality of education but DISCIPLINE. I have a very respectful, disciplined child with unexpected level of knowledge. As I have mentioned my son just turned 3 (only a month ago). He knows has mastered his entire alphabets, phonics, shapes, colors, animals, plants. His fine motor skills are far beyond the standard 3-4 year olds expectation as evidenced by his writing and his technique of holding his pens and pencils. He has recently started coloring without crossing his lines. All families and friends are fascinated by his remarkable performances. It is virtually impossible to list the amazing education, care, and discipline NGMS offers in just a simple review paper. If you are looking to place your child somewhere you know you will see improvement and will be significantly happy, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO. I was referred to NGMS by my cousin who had enrolled her son at NGMS for over 4 years. She was very satisfied with their service and had encouraged me to check it out, and here we are. Her son left NGMS because his father was relocated out of town for a job. She sadly left NGMS and since they moved into a nice neighborhood she decided to enroll him into the public school system. Her son at the time was 6 years old. When he arrived at the school, the Principal wanted to place him in Kindergarten based on his age; however, my cousin explained to them that he was working with Ms. Lauren 3rd grade level of education. Although the Principal was very skeptical, he agreed to test the child a second grade level of education. He passed with flying colors. Needless to say, he was enrolled into a second grade at the age of 6, all because of NGMS. (Oh let me not forget to tell you this! Second grade was just a breath for him; he is passing with nothing but As). My cousin and I have searched for over 20 school combined for our kids’ education, and there is no place like NGMS. Kids are kids at NGMS. Kids are told every morning how much they are loved, how smart they are, how much potential they have, and that they are capable of accomplishing their dreams. They grow up believing that they are unique, smart and competent of reaching the unreachable. They will strive for more and they will SUCCEED! If you are looking to place your child somewhere you know you will see improvement and will be significantly happy, THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO.

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Aaron Watson May 10, 2014

This is the Watson Family ( An Executive Recruiter and Entrepreneur- we own a sprinkler and irrigation company) . We have two 5 almost 6 years old attending NGMS they have been there almost 2 years. Prior to NGMS they attended lake cities Montessori. After a couple months being with Lake cities we were not happy with the school and the kids progress and behavior so we went searching for another Montessori school and came across NGMS. We loved how they focused on behavior and discipline and learning, so we enrolled soon after. My kids Wyatt and Sky have learned and grown so much during the past 2 fact we noticed a changed in them in just a couple weeks after being with NGMS! I would highly recommend NGMS to anyone. We are actually moving to Poetry, TX in a couple months and we have been searching for another Montessori school out that way and we have not been able to find anything that compares to this school. So we may just make the drive because its worth it! If you want to see your child grow and learn this is the place to be.

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Craig Deaton May 10, 2014

My three kids all go or have gone to NGMS. It's a great learning environment, focusing on academics (reading, writing, math, languages, earth science) as well as good classroom citizenship (manners, orderly behavior, cleanliness, responsibility). My oldest daughter started when she was 2 1/2 years old, and continued until she transitioned to one of Garland's "Gifted and Talented" magnet schools for 1st grade. She's now in 2nd grade, and her mid-fall-term assessment shows that she's functioning at a 4th grade level in math and off the chart in reading (the chart stops at 3rd grade, 11mos). NGMS played a big part in that. As important, she loves the teachers at NGMS (still), and makes a point of going in to say hi when we're picking up her younger siblings. If you're looking for a place to help your kids learn and grow, I highly recommend it.

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Amado E. Pereira May 10, 2014

My son is a 4 years old, he started NGMS 7 month ago. The teachers are really friendly and work with you. Since my kid started I can see how he improved in various skills(counting,writing,colors,reading,manners). Every week he surprised me with things he learned from school. The environment is really calm. My son is a shy boy, but every morning he gets really exited about going to school they encourage learning, curiosity and good manners which are values that I appreciate. I am so happy that I found this school. I appreciate the good manners and values that are taught on him. Am glad that I found this school, I wish I had found it long time ago.

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Cherise Deaton May 10, 2014

We have been with North Garland Montessori School since 2008, enrolling our then 27 month old first born. We were first time parents and a bit scared, but found the environment and teachers so welcoming and warm and friendly we were quickly won over! So there was no hesitation in 2010 to enroll our twins at 18 months of age. The school promotes the same values and principles as we do at home, so it is a true partnership. If the kids have had a rough day or night, we let them know; and they do the same if the kids seem sad or tired or frustrated. We (collectively) work together to ensure my kids are happy and respectful and still allowed to be kids! That is very important to us. We were very blessed when our first child tested into the Magnet School Programs offered within the Garland ISD, and qualified as both Gifted and Talented! We believe this was largely due to the Montessori Program style and the partnership between us and the school. We do not depend upon the school to raise our children. We are active participants. We are the parents, but it is nice to have partners with the School to help us achieve the best possible options for our children. Our twins are still enrolled and excelling. They have developed in both academics and social skills, so it is nice to see our efforts paying off! We would (and do!) highly recommend North Garland Montessori to any family that is wanting an active partnership with their children's school!!

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Marissa Sanchez May 10, 2014

My daughter has attend NGMS since she was 3 years old (and today is 6). My husband and I are by no means well off. It is a struggle for us to pay to have our daughter at NGMS (especially knowing we have an elementary school four houses down from us) but we do it because it is worth every penny. Everywhere I take my daughter I am constantly told how intelligent she is and well mannered. The extra effort, patience and love that the staff has for the students is something rarely found. I know that my daughter can be a handful and is very head strong but Ms. Lauren, Ms. Anne and everyone at NGMS have always shown such professionalism and understanding when dealing with her. In this school children are not only taught the core subjects but also manners, respect and citizenship. This school has been a blessing to my family and we will always be grateful to Mr. Manooch and his staff for helping us raise a great kid!

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Asha Deepak May 10, 2014

I am so happy that I found this great school for my 4 year old son. I was really surprised to see the drastic changes in his behavior and academics.I will never forget the day we visited NGMS.His temper tantrums were extreme and we left him there under Mr.Manooch's supervision .Then we realised, this will be the perfect school for my son.He is very loving,caring and more disciplined now.He is not only learning academic stuff,but also very good manners . He loves his school ,teachers and friends.He looks forward going to school every day.I am so happy that he is really doing good and we are so thankful to all teachers and Mr.Manooch.

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Kate Capehart May 10, 2014

My daughter has been attending this school for about 4 months now and I cannot sing it's praises loudly enough. My daughter has been to two other Montessori schools in her short life and each one has had to call me repeatedly to pick her up from school because they couldn't "handle" her. I have not received ONE phone call asking I pick her up or that she's acted out in any way at this school. My daughter has been diagnosed with ADHD with ODD tendencies. She is the definition of "strong willed"! This is the only school with teachers and staff that will work with me to create a plan of action to help my daughter cope with her disorder and not just medicate her. I don't medicate my daughter and will NEVER medicate my daughter. She is smart, energetic and stubborn. But this school has never labeled her; never tried to excuse her behavior with a diagnosis. Her teacher makes her work hard and challenges her which is something she so fiercely needs. If I have a concern Mr. Manooch listens to me and works with me to fix the problem. Other schools will attempt to excuse away the problem or flat out lie about it. Why is this school so perfect? It truly matches the Montessori principle of "follow the child". NGMS is small, but that's how Maria wanted it. These huge classrooms with 20-30 kids are too chaotic and swings dangerously close to public schools. My daughter is one of 11 children in her classroom. She gets one on one time with her teacher and is thriving. In four months she has learned to read chapter books, her handwriting has greatly improved, she can tell time (finally), and her spelling is beyond what any one would expect of a six year old. I used to have screaming fights with her almost nightly. Now she's respectful, helpful, kind, sincere, and a joy to be around. This school helped me get my daughter back. Thank you, Mr. Manooch. You have helped my family more than you may know.

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Cristina Payne May 10, 2014

My husband and I were thrilled to have found NGMS earlier this year. We searched and searched and went on a few interviews, but nothing sounded like a good fit for our 2 year old. When we interviewed at NGMS, we immediately knew we had found the place for our son. Four months later, we could not be happier. Not only can we tell our son is enjoying the program, but he also tells us he is. He frequently tells us about his day, about what he learned, about his friends, and about how much fun he has. It is evident he is constantly challenged and kept engaged in what he does. We are able to find comfort in the quality of the faculty and in knowing that they facilitate the same qualities and values we do at home. The staff has been wonderful and helpful with every question and need we have had. We are pleased to watch him continue to grow into the kind, intelligent, and respectable gentleman we are raising him to be. The only reason I'm not rating Excellent is because of how long we have been in the program. Rest assured I will be updating once we have been at the program for a longer period of time.

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Tina Sun May 10, 2014

I really love my NGMS. My daughter has been in the school for several months. I can tell she changed a lot! We live in a bilingual environment. It's so difficult for the confused kid to talk or get understood. Though the school is not new, the teachers are so kind and nice to my daughter. They make me feel it's a big family and we are happy.

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Anna Delgado May 10, 2014

We interviewed and toured numerous schools and none of them meet the standards we were looking for until we found NGMS. We were impressed not only by the children how polite, well mannered, and happy each of them were but also with how nice all of the parents were and how happy they were with the school and the teachers. Since I had been able to take care of our daughter at home for her first 18 months it was very important to us to find a school not just a daycare. A place that would provide structure, discipline, and teach her manners as well as teach her the basics. In just the few short weeks she has been enrolled I have noticed her vocabulary increase, she better articulates her words, and she listens better to instructions given to her. Most importantly she loves going to school each morning and I can only imagine and look forward to the changes we will see in her over the next few months!

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Jacob Rascon May 10, 2014

My wife, our son and I are very pleased with North Garland Montessori School and thankful to its director and teachers. We shopped about 5 different Montessori schools in the city and not only were we impressed by the authenticity of the program to Montessori teachings, but we were delighted by the teacher-to-student ratio for our 18-month old at this school. There is actually one teacher for every three students of his age group. Moreover, the teachers have a college degree and come from different backgrounds bringing a rich academic and multicultural environment that cultivates the student’s awareness towards other cultures. The school is also dense in academic materials which are thoughtfully organized and used. The staff is caring and the school director knows my wife and me by name. Something else we loved about the school is that our son is getting an “actual education” as opposed to just being “cared for” (at daycare) at his young age for the same price! Finally, it seems that we have found a haven to build relationships since all other parents we have met seem to be great family people.

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Lam Nguyen May 10, 2014

We enrolled our 21-month-old son after visiting and seeing the children being well-behaved in the classrooms. It has been 4 weeks now and we are already seeing significant changes in him. Last week he sat quietly with us in the church pew without wanting to wander everywhere. I was totally surprised by his calmness and he enjoyed sitting there with us and smiling with other people around us. In the first two weeks, he cried when coming to school in the morning, but now he has started walking into class on his own. When he is picked up from school, he smiles widely and waves goodbye to his teachers.

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Ruxandra Petty May 10, 2014

With an European background in education and culture, I was pleased to find out that North Garland Montessori was just what I was looking for. My 3 years old daughter is attending there for 2 weeks now and we can already see many behavior good changes in her. She needed structure and she is now leaning it. She is counting and recognizing letters better. She learned manners after just a few days. She is now walking like a lady. She gets a lot of love and attention and comes home excited with storiesd about the chickens and states how much fun she had. She is always excited to go back to school and see her teachers. I am very pleased with this school so far.

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Wendy Dye May 10, 2014

We have been very pleased with our experience at the North Garland Montessori School. Our 18-month old has been attending for nearly one month and we are very pleased with the results so far such as increased attention span, early potty training and kindness of the staff. Every day the very kind teachers teach him how to sit on his little carpet and independently play with Montessori educational materials. Lately we’ve noticed his increased awareness of his bodily functions as they are potty training him already. The school is detail oriented in the development of the child down to the food they serve. The director goes out of his way to make sure the snacks are healthy even at an increased cost no junk food is allowed and I like that. Another thing that I like is that they are teaching him good hand washing technique.

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Syeda Aleeza Farhad May 10, 2014

I visited to lots of Montessori school and was not satisfied North Garland Montessori school is the best Montessori for kids. We are very pleased with the education of North Garland Montessori school. I highly recommend this school for early childhood learning. Miss Anne is an incredible personality. i am impressed with the discipline of this school.I have seen our family kids progress with their intellectual and social development.My experience with this school is outstanding.The educational future of our children are bright in this school.North Garland Montessori school provide an excellent learning experience and solid foundation for higher grade.

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Anthony Delgado May 10, 2014

Our daughter started attending NGMS about two weeks ago and it has been such a blessing. The environment is great and the staff has been very attentive to all of our needs. It was very important to us that she get put in a very structured environment where education and manners are very important. We have noticed that she is talking a lot more and really enjoys going to school. We are looking forward to the positive changes we have seen in her as of late.

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Jeyaseelan Arulanandham February 18, 2014

My two-year-old son who has never been to any day care before goes to this school. I am really proud and happy that we chose NGMS. It has been only three weeks and I have already started to notice the difference in him. He is more confident now than he was before. The teachers here are Amazing! I really mean it. You can see how organized and the co-ordination among the teachers every time you stop by. You can't hear/see any child crying, everybody is busy in doing their activities. I would highly recommend this school. You can't go wrong.

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Jacob Abraham February 18, 2014

This is a great school where the teachers & administration care about the kids. Ms. Ann and Mr. Manooch ensure that the school is a loving, safe environment that definitely promotes learning. I am amazed at what my kids have learned. My daughter did 2 year preschool program during the years 2007-2009 and we found the curriculum to be highly individualized where each student was allowed to progresses at his or her own pace. Our 4-year old son currently attends the preschool program. He is starting to sound out letters to read, learning to write, does basic math, and is starting to speak Chinese and German. We are very pleased with his progress at North Garland Montessori School.

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Ngoc Thao Pham April 12, 2014

I am very happy with my son's progress after 3 weeks. He does not cry any more when arriving and leaving school. He already seems much more disciplined, wanting to eat on his own. He also now goes to bed earlier. Finding this school for my son has been very positive, with professional and patient teachers. I look forward to seeing new things he'll learn next.

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Farhad Haider January 18, 2014

I would like to share my thoughts about the North Garland Montessori School that i have known for over 10 years when my first family child started this school.The staff here are just wonderful extremly loving and attentive. NGMS is a perfect blend of acadamic culture appreciation and socialization. My second 3 years young child just started last month. He just absolutely loves to go to school each day. I can't say enough great thing about the school. my all family kid's have been attending since they were three years. I truly appreciated the terrific job you do with the kids. Mr Manooch and Staff are dedicated loving and caring. I highly recommend this school.

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Ty Petty January 18, 2014

My name is Ty. My daughter Scarlett has been in North Garland Montessori for one month. I am shocked she is acting polite and counting in Spanish. The first time we heard her we looked at each other as to say did you hear that! I was shocked to say the least. And the staff is kind. Its a good place. Come and see for yourself as the kids walk down the hall in order so cute!! Its a great place!!

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Asmaa Salim January 18, 2014

The best environment for kids, great qualified and loving teachers. Offers real montessori program and I've seen a significant change in my son's behavior in a very short time. I totally appreciate the great effort you do and for sure recommend the school.

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Sundowne Smith January 18, 2014

My daughters have attended North Garland Montessori School now for about 6 years. My older daughter attended from ages 2 - 5, and now my younger daughter attends. We love it!! They both love learning, and I attribute a lot of that passion to the teachers and teaching styles of NGMS. They learn so much, and so quickly, that I am always astounded by what they bring home from a day's lessons at school. The learning environment is always very warm, safe and loving. The teachers and staff truly do love each child on an individual basis and they have become an extension of our family. We would definitely recommend this school to anyone looking!!

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Thi Luong January 18, 2014

I feel that my child is getting exposed to many things and that's great because at such a young age, kids are just sponges that absorb all sorts of knowledge. Even though my child has a hard time adjusting to school life, but from what he tells me, he seems to really enjoy all the activities.

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Brenda C January 18, 2014

My 2 kids have attended NGMS since 2012. They started at 18 months and 3 years old respectively. I just want to say that the teachers are the real gem in this school. Miss Ariana, Miss Lucero who just left, and Miss Lauren are quite exceptional. They are caring, patient, loving and highly qualified. I am always pleasantly surprised when my kids show me on Fridays the work they did during the week. They learn German, Chinese, Spanish and my daughter started to learn chess as well, all of this at no extra charge. I am a happy mother.

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Vu Le January 18, 2014

I was very impressed with the amount of manners that was taught to little 2 year olds. I chose this school because my son has more 1 on 1 time with his teachers because there is a better teacher to student ratio. I've already recommended this school to many of my friends.

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Vu Le January 18, 2014

I was very impressed with the amount of manners that was taught to little 2 year olds. I chose this school because my son has more 1 on 1 time with his teachers because there is a better teacher to student ratio. I've already recommended this school to many of my friends.

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Betsy Philip January 18, 2014

My sons, both ages 2 and 5, have been attending North Garland Montessori school since they have been 18 months of age. They have learned a great amount of knowledge, including manners, multiple languages, independence, and helping others. The teachers are very caring and loving towards our children. I highly recommend this school.

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Anika Bhatia January 18, 2014

NGMS is a place that I would highly recommend for any parent looking for an educational experience for their child. My daughter is 2.5 years old and I am noticing a major difference in her social behavior and communication skills. My daughter seems excited everyday to go back which means a lot for me. She have learned so much since beginning her education here. Its being one only one month since she joined this place and I can feel the difference. I feel so good when she talks to me in a well-behaved manner using words ’PLEASE!’, ‘Thank You Mom’ .She is becoming independent in her day to day tasks. She is receiving education, socialization, and a lot of hands on learning which makes it so much fun for her. The Head-of-School, Mr. Manooch, is what makes this school so special. I think that his philosophy and principles can transform these little kids to solid citizens of tomorrow. The entire staff is committed and dedicated to the children and their developmental processes. The teachers and staff are patient, loving, honest, intelligent, well trained and just all around INCREDIBLE! I wish we could stay at this school forever. We love the teachers and their child-centered approach of learning. School environment is cozy and the playground is full of creative aspects - including a garden & small animals. As a parent I'm consistently hoping that I'm making the right choices for my children. Choosing NGMS has stood out as being one of the best choices I have ever made for my daughter.

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Irfan Butt January 18, 2014

December 1, 2013 Michelle D’Angelo, Mother I am extremely grateful to the North Garland Montessori School (NGMS) and its competent, caring staff who have been instrumental in my child, Christopher’s, social and academic development. Without the nurturing and devoted team under Mr. Manooch’s direction, my son, who was diagnosed with Autism, would not be receiving a first-class education that is simply unavailable to high-functioning Autistic children in the public school system. Since enrolling Christopher at NGMS, he has flourished academically and socially. I believe this is in large part due to Mr. Manooch’s and Ms. Louren’s understanding of his needs and dedication to improving his development. Because of the small classroom size available at NGMS, my son is able to work on his coursework at a pace best for him and receive the social stimulation necessary to develop into a well-rounded child. Although he is officially a second-grade student, he is currently excelling in math and reading and conducting coursework at a fourth-grade level. My son, who lost language at the time of his diagnosis, is now learning three languages: Spanish, German, and Chinese. Not only is my son excelling academically and truly enjoying learning, he has developed a healthy self-esteem and a level of confidence that he would not possess had he stayed in public school. After watching my son’s progress with NGMS, I strongly encourage parents with Autistic and special needs children to consider the Montessori approach to education. At NGMS, children are treated with love and compassion. The professional team at NGMS takes a personalized approach to promoting the best learning environment possible for each student.

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Irfan Butt January 18, 2014
IT Manager, FedEx Services

Having been gone thru both private and public school systems I realize the foundation that I developed while in private schooling had prepared me for a lot more than I realized at the time, other than it being very hard. Today, I have a family and a beautiful, intelligent daughter (like every parent) and want to be able to give her the same opportunities, development that I know a private school can give along with social development, etiquettes, discipline, organization (internal and external). North Garland Montessori School, (NGMS) is that school for us. Both Nicole and I researched and interviewed a few schools and found most schools lacked or did not focus on social development, etiquettes, discipline. We both are type A personalities so you can imagine a product of us (our daughter, Myra) is very confident, focused and stubborn at times. NGMS is strong in all of these areas and am confident Myra will get the foundation we are looking for. You don't see very many schools that support parents outside of schooling to enforce discipline and organization but NGMS is one such school. Learning and development are critical to a child's development in the early years but also knowing your limits are critical to understanding success and failure and how to process such scenario's. NGMS, Thank you for all that you do for Myra and all the children. All teacher's, Thank you fo being friendly, focused and we appreciate the fact that you take the time to teach our children all of the above. Irfan Butt IT Manager, FedEx Services

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Gayle & Evan Clift January 18, 2014

Our granddaughter Sophia has only gone to NGMS for a few months, and what an amazing difference we have seen in her! She is a naturally sweet and smart child and, of course, is brilliant like her Mommy and Daddy, but we've noticed that her verbal skills have grown exponentially, her social skills have increased, and she has an even greater desire for learning and spelling and drawing -- and loves playing basketball and gardening, too. There is a level of excellence that is expected from her at school, and she is reaching for the stars! She talks about her teachers in such a way that we know they not only invest their time, knowledge, and wisdom when she is with them, but they love her and care for her and protect her while she is in their care. We are grateful for NGMS and their staff and the families who entrust their children to them so that Sophia can continue to grow mentally and emotionally, as well as physically. Gayle & Evan Clift

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Dajah Hurst January 18, 2014

Two of my kids are currently attending North Garland Montessori School and my daughter was a student there also. Dajah is now in Magnet Public School. She has learned allot from going to NGMS. She was reading on a 7th grade reading level when she was tested in the 3rd grade after leaving NGMS. Dajah maintains an A in all of classes. She is always complimented on how neat she writes, her manners, and how well she communicates and speaks. My son has became an over achiever after being at NGMS for 6 years He is always being complimented on how well he speaks and for having great manners. He is taught etiquette, how to speak, act, walk and talk like a gentlemen at NGMS. He knows how to speak and write German, Chinese and Spanish. My son looks forward to going to school every day. He is taught and knows more than most 2nd & 3rd Graders. At 5 years old, he knew how to add and subtract numbers without using his fingers, the 50 state, plus knows where each states are located on the Map, continents, parts of the flowers, parts of the animals, 3 different languages, odd and even numbers, and how to spell most 4th grade words. My toddler is taught how to communicate with his voice when speaking to everyone. They teach him how to roll up his Mat when he is finished playing on it with his toys, and to put it away properly. They are challenged to learn more than average kids at his age. My baby son used to put up a fight to go to school at first. Now, I have to convince him it's time to go home with me. This is NOT a daycare. They do not leave your kids unattended at No time. NGMS is a School that teaches your Children how to be successful in life, etiquette, and basics of life. As parents you have to work at home with your kids for what they have learned at school. If not, it will not work. I can go on and on about how great this school is. You would have to visit for yourself to see. Thank you so much...North Garland Montessori School for all your hard work. I love and appreciate all of the Staff and Mr. Manooch for preparing my kids for a successful future.

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Kristian Hutchings March 28, 2014

I couldn't imagine a better school for my son Henry. When it was time to put Henry in a daycare we interviewed several local schools. I was not happy with most of them because the one or two teachers watching a large group of infants to toddlers relied mostly on restraining toys (bouncers, cribs, bumbo seats, etc). There was one daycare I entered where the two teachers present both turned their backs on the students to talk with me. I had been meaning to check into NGMS, but when a colleague that I worked with said that his son attended and that he loved it I knew I had to go. My son was placed in a classroom while we walked around the school and talked to Mr. Manooch. Mr. Manooch was just as interested in making sure we were good parents as I was in making sure his school was a good place for my son. He explained the high standards that he holds both his students and his teachers to and I have seen that in action over the past 6 months. Henry is not yet two and with the help of the school can sing his ABC's, identify animals and their sounds, count past 10, and use complete sentences. He asks for things using "May I have..." and always says Please and Thank You. He has learned from the examples of his peers and sets examples for other children both inside and outside of school. Mr. Manooch has personally worked with me on many occasions and provided advice on how things are done at the school to help me with the few behavioral issues we have with Henry, when I switch to the schools method of doing things and provide Henry with consistency our problems are generally solved. This school is not the magic solution to all of your problems, but with the foundation it provides for you and your child it can be the thing that keeps you sane after a full day of work. I could continue to write about the different experiences that Henry is having, what he is learning and what me and my husband are learning about being first time parents. However, there are two things that matter the most to me and both are being fulfilled by NGMS. First, Mr. Manooch and all of the teachers put the well being of all of the children first. I am confident that they love each and every one of the children that they care for. The teachers hug and tell the students that they are loved, they get excited when the children accomplish something. This love is not something I thought that I would ever find in a child care facility. Second, I can say that I am doing the absolute best that I can do for my son. I do not think that more expensive schools could do a better job than NGMS, nor do I think I could do as good of a job as a teacher if I were to be home with Henry. Thank you to Mr. Manooch and all of the teachers at NGMS for helping us raise a little gentleman. Our future children will start NGMS, just like Henry did at 18 months of age. Kristian & Hal Hutchings 10/31/13: Just a quick update, Henry is 2 years old now and is impressing everyone that we are around, especially his Sunday School teacher. She brags about how polite and smart he is every time I pick him up. Last night he suprised me by asking to be excused from the dinner table. He also spent time at dinner counting the items on his plate, relating the numbers to each item. I'm having so much fun watching him grow!

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Muna Kebede March 28, 2014

My daughter within three months learned higher educational ablilities, like spelling, writing, and abcs. Now she learns kindergarten level even though she is barely in pre-k. I love how this school showed great effort in my daughter, thank you staff and administer at NGMS, God bless you all.

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Mahmoud Matouk March 28, 2014

I was amazed by the level of piece and quietness experienced in my first visit, sooner I saw many improvements in my son's behaviors and he started using his good manners in home and in public. I recommend this school.

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George Philip November 28, 2013

I have two children at this school. One is 2 and the other is 4. They both started at 18 months. The teachers are very attentive and affectionate. The kids enjoy going to school and enjoy telling us what they did at school. The teachers do a lot of little crafts where the children make things for their parents. My two love showing off what they made for me and my wife and they can't wait to show it. My little one constantly sings nursery rhymes at home and my oldest has learned to count in multiple languages. The school has its rules that it follows but they believe its in the best interest of the children that we follow the rules. Since I chose to send my kids here, I have to abide by the rules. If i didn't think the rules were helpful to the development of my child then I wouldn't send them here. I like the school and I know and see how much it has helped my two boys. Its a good school that really shows a lot of attention to children. If i have a third child he/she will go here also.

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Misti Townsend August 28, 2013
Life Coach / Counselor / Play Therapist

I live in Dallas and was looking for a Montessori for our 4 year old. I stumbled upon NGMS's site and had to visit based off of the exceptional reviews. Despite touring 2 other facilities, and countless hours comparing the school to every other in the Dallas area (it's a compulsion, I've been in research academia far too long, ha), this school is miles beyond the others. Truly. Upon site visitation, we knew without a shadow of a doubt that this place was the one for our little girl. We absolutely adored her future classmates, the wonderful staff, and the teacher with the strikingly obvious gentle soul. The school is beyond any of the testimonials. We were absolutely awe-struck to find a school that mirrors our exact values. After an hour or so of talking, Mr. Manooch sat me down in the small lobby to interview at least six of the parents that walked in to pick their children up. At times, he left for a bit and encouraged me to ask them ANY questions. They all radiantly beamed as they told me the things their children were learning, and how different the child was overall from first attending the school. One parent had only been there a month, and she was the one that was MOST passionate about the drastic change in her daughter. It was so inspiring. The children were all so well-bahaved and kind/respectful to me. You can tell there is no tolerance for behavioral issues, and yet the children are treated with complete respect, as it is expected in return. As a play therapist for children, I know that children will almost always live up to your expectations of them. There are loving, high expectations at this school and its strikingly obvious by talking to any child or peeking in any classroom. Go check out the school and see for yourself. You'll leave as awe-struck as we were. We live 35 minutes away -- figuring out the time spent driving every morning and afternoon makes me wince (especially considering fighting traffic!), but I only want the best for my child. It's obvious where that is. Misti -- mother of two. Life Coach · Counselor · Play Therapist

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Gurvinder Singh August 28, 2013

We cultivate experiencing enrichment and a thirst for learning at home and have seen it furthered at school for our daughter.. I aspire that this will continue and she will realize her potential to grasp success in all its manifestations.

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Francina Mary August 28, 2013

We love this School.This school is not money oriented,But they care about the quality of the Education.Except for the first week (he has not been to any school before), My two year old son goes and comes happy,Sings the songs he learned at school.Thank you NGMS.

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Jason August 28, 2013

The tour and interview process was wonderful until my wife and I (with our child in tow) had a lengthy discussion with the Director of the school, Mr. Manooch. He repeatedly mentioned that his students were the offspring of doctors, and lawyers and had 90% high placement in their continuing education. He obviously displayed his sin to be PRIDE. Stature means a lot to this man. He then revealed that he has never had children, though felt free to correct my wife for picking up our daughter, who had never been in a school before and needed some comfort for her nerves. When my wife revealed her compassion for neighbor children, we were recommended to keep our doors locked and our windows shut when at home to keep the world out. Manooch said "I don't let just anybody in this school. Why would you allow your child to just play with just anyone at home. She will make friends here at school." He was proud when he revealed that he had dismissed 20 teachers in one month. I believe that perhaps educators find it difficult to drink the 'kool-aid' he serves. I asked the question, "What do you do for the competitive sporting side of a child's development?" He answered, to the effect that, a child can play away from school. The reality is that any PARENT would know that children need to release their bountiful energy. Manooch never ceased to tell us how he was working toward removing childhood from children, right along with affection. I assume that new parents would find his words educated and his schools home-life-intruding support a comfortable parenting crutch. Manooch teaches children that all people are good. They just make bad choices. If that appeals to someone reading this, then you must already be drinking the 'kool-aid'. Manooch is a man of science, self admittedly, however that does not mean he doesn't have his own cult going on in his institution of No Children At Play. Emotions stifled beyond this point. (This fake sign humor is kind of fun.) I hope people read this. This review is authored by a father of a five-year-old and a grandfather of 2. Thank you.

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John Bosco Umejiego August 4, 2013

Our son Kamdi attended Harbon Montessori School, Minnesota (established in 1972); so when we moved to Texas we already knew the qualities of a good Montessori school. We checked a few schools but when we visited NGMS and interacted with Mr Manooch and Ms Anne, we knew we found a great school for Kamdi. The environment is structured to help the children become independent and learn. The Director, teachers and other staff are all involved in the child's care, education and discipline (which l value very much). Our son is making steady and good progress and we are confident he is in good hands at NGMS.

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Christopher D'Angelo August 4, 2013

My grandchild has high functioning autism. He was attending public school special classes and was not progressing at all in their system. It was more like a holding area than a place of learning. As a result of no personal care, he would not pay attention and was in his own world of non-communication. Then we found out about the Montesori School in North Garland. My first impression was the demeanor of all of the youngsters there. They were well mannered, happy, and calm. I thought that our young child was going to be a real challenge for them because he would crawl under tables, climb onto desks, and hoard toys. We enrolled him on July 14, 2011 and it was the best thing that ever happened to him in his life. He is now on his way to a good life where he can relate with others. Today, he acts just like any normal child and interacts with all others naturally. After a week into their program, I noticed a total change in him as a result of their personal attention. He was like a completely different child who was now well behaved and focused. Mr. Manooch and Miss Louren have been his teachers during the entire period of time. Since his first day, they have continued to effectively teach him far beyond expectations and have helped him develop into someone who is learning material several grades past his age of almost six years old. I have also been very impressed with their genuine concern and commitment for his feelings and personal progress. This has been a Godsend for our family. I wrote the above comments 8 months ago but feel compelled to add more because it could might help someone make the right decision for their child's future. If you want to give your child the advantage of superior education you should try to get him accepted in this school. My child at this time has developed and learned far beyond earlier expectations. He recently was aptitude tested and scored in the highest possible category. This school will take you and teach you as far as you can go in a wide spectrum of directions. For example, it will introduce you to several languages, and many advanced concepts. I will keep him in this school as far as it will go because I know when he leaves he will be miles ahead of his peers. I will also have the personal sense of satisfaction that I gave him the best choice for his future.

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Naveed Z June 20, 2013

I had started my education at NGMS many years ago, and currently I am a student at the University of Texas at Dallas majoring in Biomedical Engineering. I must say I am truly thankful for the strong foundation for education that has been created by NGMS. Had I not attended this school, the transition to higher levels of education would have been much harder due to essential learning skills not being developed to their true potential. I would definitely recommend this school to all parents who want their child to excel in school, not only because it greatly aids in facilitating the continuation of education, but that it also prepares your child mentally, socially, and most importantly, behaviorally. Thank you NGMS!

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Norma Said June 20, 2013

Reviews from previous grown-up students was what struck me most about NGMS before I even contacted the school. Next came a visit with my daughter to check the establishment. I'll never forget the welcome we received and the cute students coming to my very shy daughter and taking her hand with the utmost friendliness. She has been attending NGMS now since March 2012. She was 5 with no previous experience in a school setting. She was a little "behind" the other children who started attending at a younger age but it doesn't matter because she is working at her own level. I see terrific progress. She loves going to school and seeing her friends. I had some concerns and questions having to do with her grade level and all I had to do was call and asked to speak with Mr. Manooch. He was out and Ms. Anne asked if he can call me back. He did call the same day and had all her teachers assembled on speaker phone ready to answer any question I might have. He didn't know what I was calling about. But this shows a remarkable preparedness. My questions were answered within a 5 min phone call. Pretty caring and efficient. I am very glad to have my daughter at North Garland Montessori School.

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Kelly Giron April 2, 2013

My son attends NGMS for over a year and a half now. We are very happy with the excellent care he receives and and the course work. Our younger daughter will also start at the school next fall. As per a previous review that all parents must be doctors or lawyers can't be further from the truth. Most of the families are middle-income, hard working families looking for a caring environment and challenging school work within a Montessori environment. NGMS challenges our child and we are surprised by what he is learning versus a day care, MDO or church preschool program. He is learning basics and traditional thinking instead of all computers and videos. The children learn basics, phonics, hand writing and foreign language. They have a garden, chicken coop and bunnies. The teachers are amazing and caring and have a twice a year parent-teacher conference. Ms. Anne answers all of our questions and when we have had behavior problems at home (never at school) they have worked with us. We could not be more happy with our experience at North Garland Montessori!

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NGMS Parent April 2, 2013

I would have to strongly disagree with the comment made by Ms. Gates. "So if your child is strong willed, and has tendency to act out, or is more of a leader and not a follower, NCMS is NOT the place for your child..." ( please read my review below for more details) My nephew was place with me by CPS and has been attending NGMS for several months now. He had very little structure and used negative behavior to get attention in his previous house. He is very strong willed, has the outburst of a 3 year old, and had never had a normal family life. NGMS has been so helpful and accommodating with these issues and has played a huge part at reducing them. We have both worked together to minimize his negative behavior, only to have it manifest again every other week when he has a visitation with one of his parents. NGMS has never brought up the subject of removing him from the school. They only talk about how we can all get him on track again. I greatly appreciate how flexible they have been. Most importantly I appreciate how they truly care about him, and how much he cares for each member of the staff. I recently was granted temporary custody of my three year old nephew. Worried about the drastic changes that he had experienced in the past few weeks, I sought to restore as much stability as quickly as I could. I felt with a solid routine and lots of love I could hopefully stave off any unwanted behavioral issues and allow him to excel both academically and emotionally. I found what I was looking for, and much more, in the North Garland Montessori School. Before I had gone for my first visit to the school I sat down with several CPS workers and mentioned that I was looking into the NGMS. My nephews mother questioned his placement, not knowing about Montessori herself. Before I could explain further, a caseworker spoke up and assured her that this would be a wonderful place for him and that she need not worry. Upon arriving at the NGMS I realized very quickly that this was the exact place he needed to be. All of the children were well cared for and displayed exceptional manners. Each staff member exudes a delightful disposition towards the children and the children seem genuinely attached to all of them. After my nephew's first day I noticed many changes in him. They had worked with him in so many different areas such as walking vs running, asking for things in a courteous manner, and chewing with his mouth closed. All of which he was excited to show us how well he could do, when we arrived home. It is unclear how long my nephew will be in my care perhaps one month or six months. Mr. Manooch has been very helpful with my particular situation. He has been very accommodating due to the uncertainty of this situation and I feel his compassion is because of his devotion to children and my nephew's well being. I couldn't be happier. I look forward to my continued partnership with the NGMS.

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Zulfija Nasufi April 2, 2013

When we started looking for schools for our child I instantly was excited for the Montessori methods taught at the school. The diversity of the staff and all the students attend is so pleasant to see. My son was telling me that he wants to visit Africa because a few of his classmates are from there. The structure that is instilled through out the day has carried on to our home life and has made both of us better parents to our children. An experience that we were so pleased with we enrolled our son at 4 and half years of age and our daughter at 20 months. We are going on our third year of education with North Garland Montessori School. We couldn't be more pleased with our decision.

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NGMS Parent February 2, 2012

My 3 year old has been attending the North Garland Montessori School since she was 18 months. In the toddler classroom she was introduced to shapes, numbers, colors, letters and many more materials that expanded her vocabulary. But more importantly it helped her to develop social skills, self-esteem and care and respect for others. Now that she is in one of the preschool classrooms, I am impressed with the worksheets that she brings home on Fridays and love the fact that she gets introduced to foreign languages. But it is even more important to me that I trust her teachers to give her the right amount of attention, guidance, reward, warmth and security, acceptance and respect that she can develop her intellect and creative potential to the fullest in her development.

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Amy Annab January 11, 2012

Locating a nurturing, caring and well rounded education for my son, age 10, was my only goal when I found NGMS. After an interview process, he was accepted in August 2011 into the elementary class with Ms Aida. Leaps and bounds of behavioral, self assured and responsible changes have been a direct result of the partnership between parent and staff at NGMS. He is a much more secure and confident child, working indepently in class with loving teacher and an amazing group of educators. I would highly recommend an observation period for anyone wanting to experience the gift of education in the best possible setting. Mr Manooch, the director of NGMS truly cares about each individual child, as well as their parents involvement. It's a partnership that you will not regret. If you want to see your child soar, consider an education with NGMS.

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J McCain January 11, 2012

What can I say about the staff at NGMS and about Ms. Anne and Mr. Manooch in particular. They are both incredibly loving, kind, and involved educators, as are all of the staff. NGMS cares about each and every child that attends their school and tends to each of their needs as individuals. They do not have a cookie-cutter mentality. They acknowledge that each child has their own needs and they meet those needs in a loving, encouraging, yet disciplined atmosphere. My son has attended NGMS since June of 2011 and his behavior, attitude, and education have all flourished under their guidance. This school is truly in a partnership with the parents of the children and that is priceless to me.

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Dr. R. A. Lopez January 10, 2012

My son has been in NGMS since the Summer of 2011. I have seen some drastic improvements. The staff at NGMS, teachers, Ann, and Mr. Mannoch is top notch educators. They don't look at children as just another tuition fee but as an individual that they invest their hearts in. If you're looking for a quality school, look no further. Remember, you get what you pay for, and here you get excellence! I whole heartily recommend this school to any parent looking for teachers that will make a lasting and long-term positive impression on your child. Keep up the excellent work NGMS!

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Vanessa Stephens January 5, 2012

My daughter started at NGMS in the Summer of 2011, since attending we have noticed significant changes in her behavior. She is much more outgoing and confident in what she is doing. When she first started she was very shy & not very outgoing. In her previous school she was just a number and not a name. At NGMS she is an individual who is recognized for her ability to complete tasks and works well with other students. I could not ask for a more caring environment for her to be in. The Teachers, Teacher Helpers & Mr. Manooch have been a blessing for our family. Not only is she is excelling in commmunications she is getting that one-on-one attention that she was needing. She is also being taught how to act like a little lady, respect her friends and her family. I would certainly recommend this school to any parent. Thanks to all of the teachers who are teaching our little princess on a daily basis!

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Lan December 19, 2011

Finding NGMS is the best thing I have done so far for my almost 4 year old daughter. My daughter has been going to NGMS for almost a year. We cannot be any happier. The teachers and Mr. Manooch are very nice. They really care about the children there. All the teachers are like well-trained moms, taking good care of them and teaching them not only knowledge and social skills at school, but also manners, real manners. It's a good feeling knowing that my daughter is spending her day making progress in her life. The family-like environment is so welcoming and comforting that even my hard-to-warm-up daughter is having fun and feeling at home there. I highly recommend this school to any parents who care about their children's development. Thank you so much for everything.

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Ali & Roya Zamani August 9, 2011
Parents of Negisa

To our dear friends at the wonderful North Garland Montessori School: My wife, Roya and I have two children that have been enriched with the benefit of the Montessori program. We have witnessed all of the changes that almost consequently followed our childrens’ enrollment in your school. They were so well taught that all of our friends would ask how our children were so calm and carefully mannered, and there was only one simple answer to their endless stream of questions: the North Garland Montessori School system. The school’s director, Mr. Manooch has such an effective way with children, he gets them on board quickly, he is stern and still loving. The children are scared of his ability to take away their playtimes if they act up, which is absolutely necessary, and despite their fear they love him and constantly surround him when he enters a room. To my daughter he has been like a second father, she loves him and cherishes him a lot. Both of my children to this day are very nicely mannered to this day and we would like to thank you for your part in it. We want to thank you all extensively for your dedication and help with children everywhere, thank you for all of your patience and hard work, thank you for always having a smile on your faces (especially Ms. Anne & Ms. Aida). Ms. Anne, your contagious sunshine personality is one of a kind, you are a fabulous person and we are so glad our children were always around you. Ms. Aida, thank you for all of your tireless efforts in giving our children an academic challenge every day which set them far ahead of their public school friends. My wife would also like to thank Ms. Rupa and Ms. Ariane for their cordiality and sweetness. And finally, to present and future parents who are considering NGMS, there is not a better school in the metroplex, and the school’s cozy environment is perfect for raising your children. There isn’t a more suitable place to leave your children, there just simply isn’t. Thanks again and God bless you all for your everyday miracles with children.

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Peggy Sostand July 18, 2011
Parent of Jalen

Hello Mr. Manooch,

Jalen will be a Sophomore at Garland High School this year. Jalen plays football and basketball for the the school, he is an A/B student. Jalen is also active with the youth at our local congregation and serves as an usher. Jalen aspires to work in Sports Broadcasting. We are truly grateful for the foundation you help build for Jalen. NGMS believes in every child that enters in; you believed in mine and I am so thankful. The teachers and staff are like family and I appreciate the fact that the doors are always open to us.

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Dorian Price June 24, 2011
Parent of Trey

My son started NGMS at the age of 3.5 years old. He was not talking and showed very limited social interaction. I enrolled him in public preschool special education and after 6 months of attending public school, he didn't show any progress. When the school term was ending at his public school, my husband and I worried that everything he was learning would disappeared over the summer months. After careful consideration, we withdrew him from the public preschool, two months prior to term end. We found NGMS through the internet, had our son do a one day site visit and the school felt he would be a good fit despite his speech delay. Since attending the school for 2 months, our son has been using vowels, sounding letters, singing, and has even been more mild-mannered (while still being a 3-year old). What a great difference. We are equally eagered to see what his next 6 months bring after to viewing how much the teachers care and love working with our son.

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Renee' & Arnaud Le Cousin March 7, 2011
Parents of Ingrid

Our 3 year old daughter Ingrid Le Cousin just started school on Wednesday. We are very impressed with how well she is progressing. She already is showing very good manners towards the family and others. She is starting to help me out around the house and with her 16 month old sister. We are very proud with the job everyone is doing at the school.

Thank you,
Renee' and Arnaud Le Cousin

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Sean & Elena Taylor December 22, 2010
Parents of Cierra

Our daughter has been enrolled in NGMS since she was 3 years old and has progressed extremely well. She loves NGMS and we feel that it is a good fit for her too as at 4 years old she was already reading, writing and spelling extremely well for her age. She also knew all the states and their capitals, the world map and various other things. NGMS taught her to pace herself, focus. and the love of learning new things. We love NGMS. NGMS is focused on ensuring that our children attain the best foundation in education at an early age through 4th grade. Every Friday, our daughter brings home a folder which shows us exactly what she is working on while she is at school. Inside the folder there is usually math work (addition and subtraction in single and double digits), language (German and Chinese), shapes, days of the week, months of the year, colors, numbers/counting, reading comprehension, spelling. Word search, word association and pronunciation, etc. which are all designed to ensure that our daughter learns and able to grasp each concept. At NGMS, she is also taught manners, social etiquette (how to say please, thank you, yes ma'am, yes sir and to patiently wait for acknowledgment if someone is speaking), how to be a leader (they have public speaking in the form of show and tell every Friday) and also how to interact with her classmates without yelling or speaking loudly. She is treated with respect and the teachers actually listen when she speaks. Our daughter began to grasp and advance in the Montessori Method so quickly that we began to teach her additional things at home and purchase workbooks to keep her occupied on the weekends. She knows how to operate the computer (both laptop and desktop pc), play piano, do word puzzles, operate the television and cable remotes, differentiate between dollars and cents and can calculate amounts in her head. Our daughter considers workbooks as fun and loves the challenge it provides her to think.

However, in the fall of 2009, we decided to move our daughter from NGMS and transfer her to Dallas International School (DIS) which has a Pre-K through 12th grade international baccalaureate program. We made the decision, firstly, because DIS requires that new students entering first grade must speak some French. If they enter before 1 st grade, they do not have to know French. Our daughter was about to turn 5 years old so she would be entering DIS as a kindergartner and, therefore, would not need to know French. Secondly, DIS is French-based and teaches all subjects in French. DIS would also teach our daughter to speak and write fluently in two or more languages. They touted that their French-based curriculum is focused on language and academics so we knew that our daughter will be learning to be fluent in French as well as advancing at an extraordinary pace in academics. We were wrong! DIS encouraged us to put our daughter in their summer program before the school year began in order to get her acclimated to the new routine and to get her used to being in an environment where French is the main language. They said it would give us a preview of what to expect during their regular school year and they encouraged us to enroll our daughter in it, which we did. Although the school had already accepted our daughter into their regular school program, we thought it was a good idea to transition her into the new school over the summer as well so that she would get acclimated with the teachers, students and daily routine. To our surprise, the summer program was all play and very little work. We asked the counselor in charge of the summer program why things seemed a bit chaotic and his reply was that since students come from all over the world during the summer, it is hard for the teachers to maintain order. He assured us that the regular school year would not be the same. Once the regular school year began, we noticed that our daughter brought home a few sheets of paperwork with a few letters of the alphabet colored in. We asked our daughter about her first week and she replied, "It's boring!" We asked her why she felt it was boring and she responded with, "I don't do math anymore." We called to talk to her main teacher and we were told that the first week is used to get all the kids back on track after a long summer.

Unfortunately, the second and third weeks were the same as the first. We decided to meet with all of her teachers. At the meeting. We were told that our daughter was the most advanced in her class and she had to be set aside and given separate work from the rest of her class. We were also told by the teachers that the academic curriculum at DIS was comparable to the public school system but excelled at language offerings. After hearing that, we decided that DIS was not a good fit for our daughter. We withdrew her after one summer and three weeks of regular school and put her back in NGMS. We learned that our daughter was not a good fit for DIS and that NGMS was the best for her. Since our foremost thought was our daughter and her advancement, we learned that spending more money does not mean that the higher cost will be a better school or provide better education. NGMS provides the family atmosphere. the educational focus and social interaction that our daughter thrives on.

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Zulfija Nasufi December 4, 2010
Mother of Emir and Azra

When we started looking for schools for our child I was instantly excited for the Montessori methods taught at the school. The diversity of the staff and all the students attend is so pleasant to see. My son was telling me that he wants to visit Africa because a few of his classmates are from there. The structure that is instilled throughout the day has carried on to our home life and has made both of us better parents to our children. An experience that we were so pleased with we enrolled our son at 4 and half years of age and our daughter at 20 months. We are going on our third year of education with North Garland Montessori School. We couldn't be more pleased with our decision.

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Nasreen Ahmadi September 30, 2010
Mother of Ali

With all the horrible experiences my son and I had to deal with in other schools, and how much we both had struggled thinking there was no hope, came North Garland Montessori School. I couldn't be any more thankful and happier with everything going on. My son has improved tremendously right before my eyes. God answered my prayer and blessed me with this wonderful School and a loving and supportive staff.

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Parent September 7, 2010

My children are now ages 9 and 5. I'm so pleased with this school! Both children started at 18 months of age. They are now both in the elementary class with Ms. Aida.

If you're looking for a place where your children are cared for like family and instructed using the pure Montessori methods taught by Maria Montessori then this is the place for you! There are many schools out there that use the name Montessori but this one is true to form.

My children learned to love learning. They are both performing ahead of the skills required for their ages in public school. I wish I had this benefit at their age.

My first tour I walked into the school and heard classical music and was instantly calmed. As I took the tour and watched the children even those as young as 18 months respecting their classmates and teachers and seeming to enjoy their "work" I was hooked!

I would love to see the school expand to include middle and high school since my son is about to "graduate" from NGMS. Just come by and take a tour, you'll be glad you did!

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Marissa Sanchez August 31,2010
Mother of Ava, Marisol, and Rita

I wanted to thank you and the staff of North Garland Montessori for your work with my girls over the summer. We appreciate you allowing the girls to participate in your program during the summer months. I was tremendously pleased with the progress the girls made during their time with you. I was very surprised to see how much the girls advanced in such a short period.

Ava was so happy to be a part of your school. As a child transitioning from fourth to fifth grade, she was able to strengthen the skills that she had previously learned at her public school and gain additional knowledge. Ava repeatedly said how happy she was to be able to learn new things in such a nurturing and structured environment.

Additionally, your staffs work with Marisol was exceptional. Their work with my daughter was truly outstanding. Marisol came to NGM seeing herself labeled as a "special needs" child because of her ADHD and Dyslexia. These labels have followed her throughout the public school system and unfortunately given her self-esteem issues. In her public school, Marisol was often scared to ask questions and was very self-conscious about being pulled out to work with tutors. At North Garland Montessori, your teachers were able to work with her at her own pace. This helped calm Marisol's nervousness and helped her to focus on learning. During the weeks at NGM, Marisol was able to successfully complete all of her work assignments without having to take her ADHD medicine. This was a critical point that showed Marisol she was capable of learning without having to depend on medication to help her focus. I also noticed that by having Marisol work with younger children, she was able to assume a leadership role. This was very important for her because she often felt insecure about speaking out in class (at her own school) and avoided situations where she would have to demonstrate what she had learned. By working with younger children, Marisol was able to build up her self-confidence about her own abilities and realize that she is an intelligent child. She has now entered the sixth grade with a new attitude confident in herself and her skills.

I cannot thank you enough for all of the wonderful experiences my girls had over the summer. Our family is so grateful to the staff of North Garland Montessori. I knew that my four-year-old was receiving exceptional instruction but have now seen that reinforced with my other girls. Once again, thank you for the opportunity to have my girls be a part of NGM.

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Missy May February 16, 2010
Mother of Nathan

Hello, Nathan wanted to share this information with you. He is doing fantastic. He was accepted at the Classical Magnet school and he has been thriving. He is making straight A's and he is a star member of the Latin Club. Nathan surprised everyone being the youngest to participate in the spelling bee and coming in second place overall. We are so proud of him. Nathan makes a point to credit his academic achievements to his solid foundation that he received at North Garland Montessori. He is so grateful and thankful that he was able to get his start at NGMS. Thank you so much. We will keep you updated on Nathan's progress and we plan to bring him by for a visit one day when he is not in school. He would love to see everyone again.

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Alexia & Shun Foreman June 18, 2009
Parents of Christen and Kortni

Let me begin by saying THANK YOU for your kindness, attention to detail, and most of all your HONESTY. I was told I would see a total transformation in our daughters within six months. It took only one. NGMS has perfected the method of BALANCE. Christen and Kortni entered your school three months ago with no direction and uncertain futures. I truly believe that both of our daughters will leave NGMS prepared to face any challenge presented to them.

Stand up straight, squeeze my hand firmly, act and walk like a young lady, and look me in the eye. These are the things that no other school we visited thought to mention. The small things that you and your staff enforce have made my wife and I become better parents. Mr. Manooch you have a unique way of coaching parents without being forceful about it.

Your staff is first class! Your school is first class! Your evaluation techniques are excellent. We feel that all of our expectations have been exceeded. Being accepted into your family has been a true blessing. Your hard work and sacrifice will forever be appreciated.

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Suguna & Arindam Paul July 31, 2006
Parents of Aditya

We would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the wonderful two years Aditya had at the school.

Aditya had joined NGMS in the Summer of 2004 and being part of the NGMS family he has grown up with confidence and learned a lot of social and academic skills. The healthy and positive learning environment has instilled in him the confidence and the urge to learn and explore.

Thank you NGMS for being part of our son's development. In fact, as time parents, we have also learned a lot from the teachers and other parents at the school a lot.

The NGMS experience has touched our lives in a very positive manner. Thank you once again.

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Kate Penhallegon May 29, 2005
Mother of Nora

Thank you for taking care of our dear Nora these past two years. We have watched her mature and blossom during her time at North Garland Montessori School.

I know I liked you the first time we spoke on the phone. You spent about twenty minutes describing your school and your philosophy, and your values were right in time with mine. I was so thrilled when we made the decision to send Nora to NGMS.

We are amazed at what she has learned-- reading, math, spelling, and manners. Your school has maintained and emphasized our family values every day Nora came to school. Thank you for caring for her and loving her.

We will look you up when Rosie gets to be the right age. Be prepared, though-- I think she's got a bit of a temper!

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Rev. G. Niel Climer May 29, 2005
Father of Samuel

I would like to inform you that Samuel will be changing schools on August 15 and going to Armstrong Elementary in Sachse. We have made a difficult decision to enroll him in public school, but we may decide at a later time that NGMS may be a place for him to grow as a child. I have thought about this moment for the last couple of days, and I feel like a bird leaving a nest. I hope we fly as we leave the comfort and familiarity of place that nurtured our family in so many meaningful ways.

Would like to share a couple of reflections about NGMS.

One is the openness to all cultures and back grounds. Samuel being Korean found a place where he was accepted and the tremendous diversity of the school will be something hope the public school provides. As we talk with other parents of adopted children, we realize that NGMS blessed our family with a radical acceptance. Thank you.

Two, Samuel has learned so much and his skills at writing and reading frighten us at times and bring us joy. It was the hard work of teachers like Ms. Anne, Ms. Wendy and Ms. Aida who helped evoke an eagerness for leaning. One of our goals for Samuel is that he uses his mind and the foundation laid by NGMS is tremendous. Thank you for developing a discipline in him that is worthy.

We thank you for your partnership in helping us raise Samuel for the last 3 and half years. In 18 months, when Samuel's sibling arrives. NGMS will hopefully be available for our new child to grow in new and familiar ways.

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Lori Madrid May 5, 2005
Letter to Mr. Mayor and Honorable City Councilmen

Education is a focal issue for parents at all times, but it never seems more pressing as the school year closes and preparatiol1 for the next year begins. With this in mind, I would like to take this opportunity to discuss a measure to improve the education system within Garland.

First, I would like to provide you with some background information about myself and my family to enhance your understanding of my position. I live in Rowlett within Rockwall County. The schools within the County are highly acclaimed and have superior state ratings. Despite these factors, I chose to seek out a private school for my children for several reasons. I moved from Jacksonville, Florida to Texas almost two years ago. At the time, my eldest daughter was in a Montessori school for kindergarten.

My primary concern in moving was to find a school that she felt comfortable attending. She is a very tender-hearted child and gets extremely upset when people are cruel to her. In my quest, I contacted schools across the Metroplex. I determined that I would buy a house close to the school that I wanted them to attend, instead of the other way around. Most of the schools I contacted gave me their application information and any preliminary requirements. However, one school stood out. I called North Garland Montessori School and spoke with the director Mr. Manooch Varasteh. He was so passionate about his school and the vision that he had that I knew I had to check out this school first. Several things stood out about this school above others that I should like to delineate further.

The first thing that struck me about the school was how passionate Mr. Manooch was when he spoke about the children and the school. He was most concerned about the children. I never doubt that any decision he makes is always in the children's best interest. Second, the respect shown in the classroom was incredible. Not only did the students respect the teachers, which I think is terribly lacking in many of today's public and private schools, but the teacher's also respected the fact that the students were here to learn.

The teachers are not here to punch in their hours; they created a loving environment where the children know that they are loved and respected. All comments from the teachers are positive in regard to the students. Even reprimands are done with a positive attitude and in a manner that does not degrade the child. Third, character education is emphasized and practiced on a daily basis. Cruelty between the children is not tolerated.

There are no cliques at the school. The children all tend to play well with each other. If there are conflicts between certain children, then the children are immediately taken aside and the situation is discussed. The emphasis of the discussion is how the children's actions hurt the other child's feelings. There is a no tolerance policy on physical violence. Parents at the school are even requested to remove all forms of toys, cartoons, etc. that promote physical aggression from their homes. The children are taught to treat others with compassion and to think about how their actions affect others. In my opinion, this is the greatest rule of character education that children can be taught. These three things alone have made me feel like I have definitely chosen the right school for my children, because I believe that their education involves much more than mere textbook learning.

I invite you to come visit the school and see what practices from this school can be implemented in the Garland school district to improve the education of all children. Mr. Manooch is not just interested in the development of the children here at North Garland Montessori School. We would both like to see the basic principles that I outlined above implemented in all schools across the nation. I believe that the students and teachers would directly benefit from implementing some or the principles that are practiced here daily.

I hope that you honestly consider my proposal to visit the school. Please feel free to contact me personally or North Garland Montessori School if you have any questions.

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Kim Bullock April 20, 2005
Freelance Writer

I just wanted to take a minute to formally thank both you and Ms. Anne for the wonderful job you have done with Sasha during the ten months she has been attending NGMS. As you know, I stayed home with Sasha before enrolling her in school and I was hesitant to part with her. After touring your school I realized that I would be doing my very bright, somewhat shy child a major disservice by not sending her there. I have never once regretted the decision.

In such a short period of time I have watched my daughter thrives under your care. She has made lots of friends and looks forward to going to school every day. She adores her teachers and always wants me to tell them about any new accomplishments she has made. While still a picky eater, she will at least try foods now. She is often complimented on her manners when we are out in public. Academically, she is doing very well and I love that your staff encourages her to challenge herself. I am confident this encouragement has helped a three year old attempt and master putting together a 300 piece jigsaw puzzle on her own.

One thing that I am particularly impressed with is the teamwork between the teachers and the parents at your school. I know that if Sasha develops a discipline problem at home, I can bring it up to Miss Anne and the problem will be addressed at school as well. Many times all it takes is for someone other than me to sit down and talk with her about why her behavior is inappropriate and I will see a complete turnaround when she comes home. This scenario also works well in reverse. I can't think of any other school that cares enough about the child to take on such responsibility. Anytime I hear about parents looking to send their child to a good school, I tell them all about NGMS. My husband sometimes calls me a walking advertisement, but I really am that impressed.

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Kevin Wiggins June 24, 2004
D Magazine's, One of the Best Lawyers Under 40 in Dallas

Thank you so much for all that you and your staff have done for Mitchell. Under the guidance and tutelage of your staff, Mitchell has blossomed in so many areas where others insisted he would fail.

I believe strongly that, because he has enrolled in North Garland Montessori, he has started talking, playing, and interacting with other children far more than he would have in public school. You can't put a price on that. You and your staff believe in him as much as Beth and I do (well, almost as much - after all we are proud parents). For that, we are very grateful.

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Julianne Drost December 18, 2003
Mother of Andrea

Thank you so much for taking the time to show me your Montessori school and also allowing me the opportunity to view our daughter, Andrea, in one of your classrooms. You have a great facility with a wonderful Montessori environment.

During this week I had the opportunity to view three different Montessori schools-all of them with fantastic opportunities for young children. I had quite a decision to make for Andrea in choosing which school to enroll her in.

At this time, my husband and I have chosen to enroll Andrea in another facility other than the North Garland Montessori School-the primary reason being location. Truly, had your school been located closer to Allen, it would have proven to be a very difficult decision. I do want to thank you, again, for allowing me the opportunity to tour your school and meet with you. You have a very special school, and your students and their families are very fortunate to be a part of it.

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Peggy Sostand December 18, 2003
Mother of Ja'len

I know that this letter is long overdue but I will still give credit where it is due. My son Ja'len has been in attendance at your school for almost eight months now, and he has grown since.

He is more mature, his mannerisms have vastly improved and others are amazed at how clearly and well he speaks. Although, he is a boy and he has his own character, I do not expect him to be perfect, there is always room for improvement.

But the foundation that you've laid here will carry him throughout his life; the respect and values you teach will help him and the others to cope with the outside world.

I thank you for embracing my child and giving him what is a rarity in today's world, and that is your time, patience, and a sincere interest in his well being. Thanks again.

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Shonett Ellison February 24,2003
Mother of Rajan

I write this letter on behalf of my son, Rajan, and myself. My son has attended North Garland Montessori for almost 1-1/2 years. The quality of education he has received is culturally enriching and I think that he is a much better person because of all that he has been instilled with.

At 6 years old, my son speaks Korean, German, French, and Spanish and relishes in the opportunities when he can speak in Korean. Recently, on a trip to Los Angeles my son recited some of the words and songs he knew in Korean for my mother and she was in tears. Additionally, he has learned how to play Chess, which I'd just recently decided to learn myself. It is clear that NGMS recognizes a child's potential and ability building on both.

Rajan loves being a big brother to the younger children. Being an only child himself, he thrives on having the opportunity to be a role model to others, as well as having the ability to teach another child how to be a "gentleman". Rajan loves all the children and teachers here at North Garland, which is important to me in his growth educationally and emotionally.

I am more than thrilled that we were able to find this school when we relocated from Los Angeles, California. I know that my son is receiving love, a quality education, and is always safe and properly cared for.

I highly recommend an NGMS education for all children.

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James R. Saunders September 13, 2002

I am writing this letter to thank and praise you and your staff for the wonderful job you are doing teaching my daughter. Before coming to North Garland Montessori, I looked into several schools, among them the "big name" schools. I am very happy that my wife and I choose to place our daughter at your school. My wife and I both hold degrees in the fields of medicine and education. As a health care worker, I am very concerned about the safety of my daughter and found several instances of safety concerns at other schools.

I feel that you and your staff strive to maintain a safe environment for our daughter and feel that you continually seek out new ways to improve the safety of the children enrolled at your school. This comes not only in the form of internal knowledge, but from outside sources with varying fields of expertise as well. My concern for my daughter's safety borders on paranoia and I do not feel the need to call the school and check in on her on a routine basis. This provides me with the ability to focus on my job and other matters during the day. Not to say that I do not miss my child, but rather I have the assurance that she is healthy and being treated well.

As an educator who has worked in the public school system, I realize that the largest hindrance of student performance is not intellect, but rather discipline and motivation. These are the areas that your school excels at providing and are the defining difference academically between North Garland Montessori and other better known schools. The training that our child has received in discipline and motivation has been nothing short of incredible.

Our daughter would not remain still for two minutes and had no desire to engage in formal learning. We could see that she was intelligent by the way she mastered those tasks that she deemed important quickly. This left me extremely concerned that I had a bright child who would not excel in life do to my failure to provide her with the discipline and love of learning that she so desperately needed and deserved. After only several months, she is a different child.

She comes to me requesting that I read her books and works intently on the computer-based learning programs that I have provided for her. Finally, I would like to praise your school for my daughter's opinion of it. It doesn't really matter how happy I am with the school if it discourages my daughter from wanting to learn because she doesn't want to go. If I pass the school on a weekend, she yells, "school today?" and wants to stop. I feel that this is the highest level of praise a school can receive.

A child who wishes she could go to school on the weekends is rare indeed. In conclusion, your school is an excellent choice for anyone who is looking for a place where strong academics are only part of the equation. Your approach to education is very holistic and encompasses all areas of the child's life. From seeking to provide the child with proper nutrition, to nurturing in the child the life skills that will allow them to be successful in whatever the child endeavors to do in life. I can say assuredly that you and your staff take good care of my child, not because of what I see, but because of what she sees. I cannot recommend your school highly enough.

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Frank & Patricia August 28, 2002

This letter is to express our gratitude for everything you have done for our daughter. I noticed that after she visited your school for two hours, she began answering "Yes, Mom" and "Yes, Dad." Her previous response had been "Yeah" and "No!" After she spent one day in your school, we noticed further improvement in her manners.

Prior to enrolling our daughter in North Garland Montessori School, my husband and I visited another school. The difference was like day and night. The harmony of the environment that you provide bespeaks of a peaceful serenity one seldom encounters. The ambiance the other school maintained lacked in these qualities.

When I made an appointment to visit your school, you asked for my daughter's name and asked me to bring her to the appointment. The other school did not even ask me my name or my daughter's name. Meeting her was not even a fleeting thought; they were simply not interested in her.

In our evaluation, the schools we interviewed were more interested in the money than in the children. You care about the children and not the money. You truly love and care about the children at North Garland Montessori School. No one has ever expressed a concern about our daughter's weight, you did and I know you are sincere. You inquired about her food intake, the types of foods she eats, the type of oil I use in cooking, etc. I believe that our daughter will return to a proper weight at your school by being active in the playground, garden and petting zoo. Thank you again for your concern.

We greatly appreciate the wonderful work you and your staff are doing and the exceptional school that you have created. But most of all, thank you for providing a loving environment where our daughter will learn to be a well balanced, educated individual with proper manners.

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Maria & Gary Brackenridge August 25, 2002
Assistant VP of Economic Development, Executive Corporate Sales

Our daughter Grace Brackenridge joined your school approximately 18 months ago at the age of two. Since Grace joined Montessori she has learned to count to ten in three languages, phonetically sound out words while we are reading, and enjoys art. We look forward to hearing about Grace's day at Montessori during our evening meal. Each day she talks about her accomplishments and those of her classmates.

Both Gary and I have received compliments from other parents and adults in our family and social sphere about how polite and interesting Grace is. She enjoys participating in new things and learning about her environment, experiences Dr. Montessori believed all children should be encouraged to have, regardless of age.

As parents of an only child, we are extremely pleased with Grace's progress and feel confident that she is getting the best experiences a child can. We thank you for all your hard work and partnering with us to raise Grace.

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Phyllis G. April 26, 2002
Father of Dimitri

Thank you so very much for accepting Dimitri into your school.

I enjoyed spending so much time at your school watching Dimitri and the other children. What a different person he is after two days of school! Dad said that he asked to go to the bathroom after leaving the school all day yesterday.

I know that with your guidance, Dimitri will become independent, respectful of his self as well as others and will have a never ending supply of self esteem! That is what I want for him too.

Kostas has always questioned everything I do for Dimitri in the way of care and discipline. You reinforced the way I discipline him at your school and now Kostas realizes that I did not just dream up the Montessori way of care.

What a wonderful difference you have made in the lives of these children and what a wonderful difference they will make in this world because of you and your staff! I am looking forward to the changes in Dimitri.

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Bettina R. April 26, 2002
Mother of Logan

Thank you very much for setting aside time to let Logan and me visit your school. The only reason we would want Logan to go to school is so that he can learn what we can't teach him and be influenced by positive people.

He went to the Mother's day out program so that he could learn social skills and learn how to be a part of a group in a loving environment.

Now we are looking for more. I have come to realize that no matter how much we love Logan we are not able to give him all that he deserves.

My best assets are my outgoing personality, giving attitude and desire to give Logan all he deserves, unfortunately that doesn't appear to be enough.

My parenting skills have a lot of room for growth. I still think that Logan is practically perfect in every way, but I am afraid that I am not able to capture his true potential. I want to learn and am willing to be a student.

Although Logan and I were only at your school for two hours, I earned a lot.

Logan said his favorite part of being at the school was when the kids asked if they could be excused. He really enjoyed visiting your school. He is very rambunctious but good hearted. We have a lot of wonderful qualities, but we also have a lot of weaknesses.

The environment that you provide and the values you instill are the same as what we want. Our goal is to learn how to raise Logan into the respectable, intelligent, successful, humble, happy goal oriented adult he has the potential of becoming, but I see that we have started some bad habits that may hold him back, and if we are to change, this is the time to do it.

I can see such a positive difference in him and we were only at your school for 2 hours and only home for 2 hours, it brings tears to my eyes. I can go on and on about how excited I am to have met you and your staff, students and parents.

Logan and I spent some time with Dad, Grant, and shared with him, to the best of my ability, what we were able to gather from you today.

I think that Grant was able to see the difference those 2 hours with you made in us, and he likes the results. We see the value you bring is very well worth the tuition you ask.

We hope that you and your teachers will let Logan spend a day with you to see if we can be a part of your school.

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Tonie & Rick Mikulastik April 24, 2002
Parents of Molly, Gunner, and, CJ

It has been a pleasure having Molly, Gunner, and CJ in your school. They have matured considerably over the past year and their learning skills have been enhanced tenfold.

Ms. Aida and Ms. Anne have been a blessing in our children's lives. Their dedication to educating children is obvious and we can't thank them enough for their commitment. Gunner says that Mr. Figueroa is, "a happy man." All of my children speak very highly of him.

CJ especially has enjoyed learning Soccer and Chess. CJ speaks very highly of his Science Teacher also and carries her picture on his lunch box. You have an outstanding committed staff.

It is with regret that I must inform you we are relocating them to a different school. We want to have the kids closer to our work environment so that we are able to be more involved in their educational process.

We are missing valuable time during their young years to be a part of their day and to participate in school functions. Having them near our work will allow us to do this on a regular basis.

We have come to appreciate the Montessori method of educating children due to the commitment of educators at your school. I only hope the new school will uphold the high standards we have seen in North Garland Montessori.

Their last day at North Garland Montessori will be May 31st, 2002.

Again, thank you for providing such a healthy and positive learning environment for our children. Your commitment to education has left a positive mark on the lives of our children and we are extremely grateful.

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Mercedes & Roberto Santiago March 2, 2002
Parents of Sarah and Hector

We are writing this letter in appreciation of each and every person from your staff, who have helped us shape the development of our children Sarah and Hector. It is amazing what can happen when you have caring people who are willing to work cooperatively.

We started researching pre-k program when Sarah started showing signs of misbehavior and aggressively. We had to move Sarah from day-care to day-care due to her behavior and frequently applied to different schools with little success. Also, we look for "professional" assistance therapists, psychologists, Psychiatrists with no or negative results.

The quick and convenient answer of the medical community was ADD/ADDHD or Defiance Disorder and within a half-hour a prescription. We decide not to give any medication, instead we start looking for the correct answers.

Finally, we found that program in the North Garland Montessori School, (NGMS), but we were very concern, if our children will ever got adjusted to the rules of the school. We were worried that due to Sarah's hyper-activity and Hector tendencies to follow her that the staff at NGMS would opt to take the easy road and ask us to remove our kids. It did not happen, not only has Sarah's behavior improved, but also she is able to sit and learn thanks to wondrous efforts of the personnel at NGMS.

Ms. Ann and Mr. Manooch worked very hard and patiently with Sarah and Hector. Mr. Manooch was always willing to work with us trying different approaches to get through to Sarah. They help us a great deal the major lessons learn were to be supportive of the kids, their efforts and the hope that tomorrow will be a better day. One thing at a time and one day at a time things have gotten much better.

After much work and travelling across international borders, we found that Sarah has a mild form of epilepsy, she is taking the appropriate medication and becoming a happy well-adjusted child. Sarah and Hector have matured, and yes, each day both of them stop and say "good morning", "excuse me...I will see you tomorrow morning, thanks you too".

As we see new parents, with the same concern look we had, in Mr. Manooch's office. We want you to know that if anyone can help, these good people can. Discipline, lots of love and understanding along with a good team can work miracles for your children.

Certainly, going through the darkness of the unknown will intimidate any child. In the process of learning, if a child has on one-side great teaching team and on the other-side caring parents, then the child will walk through the darkness, emerging no worst for the ware. They will find at the end of darkness the "light of the knowledge".

Thanks Mr. Manooch, Ms. Ann, Ms. Aida, Mr. Figueroa, Ms.Wendy and Ms. Rupa for being part of this team.

Thanks for being role models to our Kids!

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Charles & Krista Goodness October 28, 2001
Parents of Justin

In appreciation of all that you and your staff have done for our son Justin, who is now five years old, we as Justin's parents just wanted to send a note of thanks.

In the time that our son has been at North Garland Montessori School his behavior has undergone giant improvements. He is now exhibiting a calm and considerate manner and he is positively beaming with pride now that you and your staff have shown Justin how to control his own behavior and have allowed him to benefit from the structured and caring learning environment of your school.

Before we found North Garland Montessori School we had become two very discouraged parents. Justin's behavior was very problematic and his inability to control his disruptive and sometimes aggressive behavior had resulted in 12 expulsions from pre-school and day care facilities in the Dallas area.

As Justin's parents we tried everything recommended by pediatricians, child psychologists, and child psychiatrists. We tried numerous parenting strategies, and as a last resort Justin was placed on ADHD medication.

None of these efforts prevented the almost daily calls from his child care facilities stating that Justin was acting out and must be picked up at once. A dozen times over two years came the inevitable expulsions.

Everyone agreed that Justin was extremely intelligent and had many periods of charming and pleasant behavior, but neither ourselves, nor medical professionals, nor any of the previous child care facilities could contain the almost daily outbreaks of verbal and physical acting out that Justin would exhibit.

At the time that North Garland Montessori School agreed to give Justin a chance, we were "sitting on pins and needles" wondering if Justin's behavior and low self esteem would in any way benefit from your school and the supervision and guidance of your dedicated staff.

We cannot express the joy we have felt as Justin's behavior has downshifted to a calm and normalized state. He has now been off of the ADHD stimulant medication for many weeks.

The look of pride on his face when we pick him up from the tranquil environment of your school each day is pleasant memories that will stay with us for a lifetime.

Whatever the complex reasons for Justin's previous negative behavior were, it is plain to see that the skill and caring of your staff and the efficacy of your facility's overall approach to young children has turned Justin's behavior around 180 degrees, and has in the process given our family a priceless gift.

We will never be able to thank you and your staff enough!

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Tushar Bina October 5, 2001
Mother of Bijal

This letter has been long overdue and I want to thank each and every one of you for being so patient and providing the well-rounded foundation for Bijal's further education.

It is with regret that we asked for the departure of Bijal from your establishment. She had been offered a place in the Watson Technology Center for Math and Science in the 1st Grade. She has been excelling at whatever she does and is well liked by the teachers and her classmates.

All this comes from the service for excellence, the solid foundation that you and your teachers have provided for not only Bijal but for all the rest of the students.

I like to thank Ms. Ann for being there to start Bijal's new path to education in the beginning and assisting her in getting to the Kindergarten grade level within 4 months. She faced many challenges with Bijal since this was her first attempt at reading, writing and talking in English. That is a sign of a good and experienced teacher with a lot of patience.

I like to thank Ms. Aida for carrying that legacy, where Bijal entered in to her Kindergarten grade level of learning. You miss Aida are the ultimate in making children learn the new languages, art of mannerism and the total attention to learning experience for all students equally. Bijal misses you very much and we ask you that you keep in touch with her.

I want to thank Mr. Figueroa for providing the same form of learning as the other wonderful staff. He balances the children's need and assists them in the most calm, polite, playful and wonderful manner that the children feel most attentive. Let's not forget the Soccer practices he had during the spring and summer time!

Last but not least I like to thank the rest of the staff for being there where the teachers left off. They are a wonderful bunch with the most important things in their minds: the children's safety and surroundings. They are there when children are at their most vulnerable part of the day. It takes a lot of patience to handle so many children at that part of the day.

North Garland Montessori School is an excellent place of children's education not only academically, but in the areas of discipline as well, which is what education is really about. Discipline taught at home is so different from those taught in the school and each are important in their own ways.

My wife, Bina, and I want to thank you and your staff for giving my daughter Bijal such a wonderful learning environment. She joined NGMS curriculum in January 2000. This was her first formal educational/learning environment where she settled in without any problems. This is contributed to the excellent staff and standards you abide by. I have seen you and the staff with my daughter and am pleased to state that I was at peace while in your care. It is not surprising to us that she adjusted so well and looked forward to going to school every day. We constantly monitored her progress and were never disappointed in your teaching methods or your staff. We saw the rapid rate of growth in Bijal's education, personal, and social skills she was taught at her own pace, unlike other institutions that are quite the opposite of NGMS.

Bijal was comfortable in a loving, nurturing, motivating, organizing, peaceful and disciplinary atmosphere. Bijal learned Phonics, Alphabets, Continents, drawing, writing, counting, gardening and other activities that were not fully taught at home by us in the time spent with us. She made a lot of friends and built rapport with all of them including the teachers.

It is important for children to be treated with respect and that seems to be a number one priority at NGMS and I saw that in our children. An environment that encourages and stimulates young minds at the most crucial time of their lives is all worth it, and yours is one of them. The direct and constant impact on their lives will have an implicit effect on their future lives and their approach in tackling obstacles as they go forward.

I see that we made one of the most intelligent and meaningful decisions that we have ever made by choosing NGMS.

I wish you all the best in all your future endeavors and continued dedication, hard work in forming and providing the essential basis in any child's growth. Your school has a tremendous potential for future growth and improvements.

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Melanie Hunter September 29, 2001
Attorney at Law

This summer you so very kindly allowed my daughter, Elisabeth, to attend NGMS for two weeks. Elisabeth had been struggling with math, and we were facing fourth grade with some trepidation.

Elisabeth just got her first report card from the fourth grade. ALL "A's"!!! We are so pleased and grateful for the influence that you and Miss Aida had on her understanding, and her calm confidence in entering school.

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Yvonne Hahn August 13, 2001
Mother of Elizabeth

As you discussed with my husband Tim last week, we will be withdrawing our daughter Elizabeth, from North Garland Montessori School effective September 1, 2001.

I would like to express my gratitude to you and your staff, however, for everything you've done for Elizabeth. In the past 15 months, she has made great strides academically and even more importantly, she LOVES to learn. At NGMS, her inquisitiveness was fostered, her creativity encouraged.

She has learned a lot socially as well and is learning to verbally communicate her feelings. Now she tells me, "Mommy, I'm so proud of you," when I do something she likes. And she also tells me, "Mommy, that's not acceptable," when I do or say something I shouldn't. (She is my conscience.)

Thank you all for the love and personal attention you have given to Elizabeth. She is no longer a baby, but a "young lady", and you have made me a believer in the Montessori System.

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Tonie Mikulastik July 25, 2001
Pressroom Analyst

About a month ago CJ told me that he wanted to return to his old school. "Why do you want to go back there?", I asked him.

"The kids at my new school are nice and I know how to be nice now." "So, don't you feel safer at the new school?" "Yes", he replied. "Why would you want to change schools when you are doing so well?", I asked.

"I don't want to change schools Mom!", he said with much excitement, "I know how to be a nice person now and I want to go to my old school for just one day and teach those mean kids how to be nice too!" he responded.

I have been meaning to share this with you every day since he told me but keep forgetting to do so. Your school is everything you told us it would be and we are very pleased with the results.

CJ is reading to me in the evenings from a book called I Can Read It. I'm amazed at how much he has learned in such a short time. He loves Ms. Ida and we love all your staff.

In addition to the above, I would like to ask that Molly and Gunner be seen as individuals and that Molly not be held back waiting on Gunner. Or vise versa should it occur.

I know some parents of twins want the kids to achieve at the same time and move along at the same pace. We want them to achieve at their own rate and move along as merit warrants it to occur.

I'm sure you already do this.

Thanks again for providing such a terrific learning environment for my children.

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Kimberly Kenyon April 19, 2001
Mother of Gavin

We are in Houston now and we miss NGMS very much. I was rather apprehensive about placing my child in the care of others because of all the horror stories about Day Care that I had heard on the news.

I thank you from the bottom of my heart for the peace of mind that I had knowing that he was surrounded by such love and warmth at NGMS.

When I first brought Gavin to your school I was afraid that he would be unhappy because he was not at home with me. Quite the opposite was true, though.

He loves your wonderful staff and you so much that he still talks about you all. He learned so much in the short time that he was with you.

He still remembers what he was taught about sharing and playing with others. Unlike most 2 year olds, he actually asks other children if he can play with them, and he is happy taking turns.

It is such a shame that we had to move. I only hope that I can find a school here with the same quality of people that you employ.

Once again, thank you so much for your kindness and high quality childcare. It is so refreshing to see a school that cares more for the children, and parents, than for money.

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Susan Chang April 11, 2001
Mother of Daniel

I just wanted to let you know how much Ashley and Daniel had enjoyed being at NGMS and welcoming Daniel back with open arms. When Ashley and Daniel were attending NGMS, they both developed academically, socially and emotionally. NGMS provided a place where I could leave my children and feel confident that they were in a safe and nurturing environment.

The greatest benefit I noticed from my children attending NGMS was that they had developed a love of learning. The nurturing environment and the Montessori way of teaching that NGMS provides fostered this love of learning.

My greatest mistake was withdrawing Daniel from NGMS when we moved to Plano because NGMS was too far from our new home. I enrolled Daniel in a Montessori school in Plano thinking that Daniel would benefit as much as he did at NGMS. I was very wrong.

In the year he was in the new school he had not developed academically and socially as I has hoped. It was very important that I had confidence in the school that Daniel was attending and that he was safe. This new school did not meet my expectations. Daniel had gotten hurt more than he did at home.

I realized that just because a school has the Montessori name affiliated with their organization does not mean that they will actually practice the Montessori teachings. Furthermore, many schools out there are not concerned about our children but treat our children as money machines.

NGMS is a great school. There are very few schools like NGMS that truly love our children and want to provide the safest and most caring environment for the child. NGMS truly practices the Montessori teachings and provides a place where each child can develop at his or her own pace so that each child can reach his or her full potential.

In addition, NGMS encourages parents to meet each other and talk to each other, which is very important for our children to see. A parent can feel confident that when his or her child is at NGMS his or her child will be well taken care of and will learn a great deal academically.

I would like to thank you for providing a great school and I know Daniel will enjoy being at NGMS again.

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Candace Overton December 31, 2000

Our 3 year old daughter has attended NGMS since August of this year. When we began here she was so full of energy and thirst for stimulation, but was not satisfied with the typical dare care environment.

Since then she has made so many accomplishments in her speech, writing skills, manual dexterity, etc. Her social skills are also improving, which I believe is due to the calming environment at the school. Our daughter needs structure more than anything, and she receives it at NGMS. She thrives in an environment where she knows her boundaries.

We applaud your efforts.

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Yvonne Hahn December 18, 2000
Mother Of Elizabeth

When we enrolled our daughter Elizabeth in NGMS almost 6 months ago, we did so because we felt she needed to be with other children and be intellectually stimulated.

We were in no way prepared for what has happened in her life. One of the biggest changes we have noticed is her independence. When she first began at NGMS, she was almost three and did not want to do much for herself. Now she does not want me to do anything for her. She also wants to care for her baby sister all by herself. She has learned to explain things to younger children and soothe their upsets.

I hear her saying to her baby sister, "Now, now, Olivia. No more tears, no more tears" and, "We don't do that here." In addition to what she's learned socially, my husband and I are highly impressed with the intellectual strides she has made.

Last week she was singing in the car in what sounded like gibberish...then my husband and I looked at each other in astonishment as we realized she was singing a song in German! Elizabeth delights in practicing her newfound academic skills and we feel like it probably won't be very long before she begins reading.

Finally, what impresses me the most about NGMS is the support that is provided for the families of the students. I realize that the home life of the student very much affects how that child performs at school, and I can't thank you enough for the support you and your staff has given to me over the past 6 months.

On more than one occasion, I have been very concerned about Elizabeth's behavior or development. And when I've asked for advice, it has been freely and enthusiastically given. NGMS has helped me to become a better parent and, in turn, to provide a home environment that encourages learning and tolerance.

We are thrilled that Elizabeth has the opportunity to attend NGMS and we thank you so much for providing an environment of love, acceptance, structure and learning for our child.

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David & Vanessa December 1, 2000
Parents of Kyle

I also wanted to take a moment to tell you what a pleasure it was to have Kyle in your school. In all honesty, in the beginning we looked at your school to get Kyle out of a horrible situation at another school he was in and was terribly unhappy in.

However, it took only a few days to see that this was more than just another day-care situation like we had experienced in the past. Certainly, there were other options that were cheaper but all along we wanted to find a situation that Kyle enjoyed and also flourished in regardless of whether it cost a few more dollars a month.

We found that in your school, and we saw Kyle progress more in four months there than he did in three years at other schools. Not only was he comfortable there and enjoyed going there but his development was nearly astonishing during these four short months.

We are sold on the Montessori style of schooling but more importantly, we are sold on the particular school that you are building in Garland. I hope the children and parents that are there right now appreciate the gift they are giving to their children by placing them in your care and tutelage. If not, once they have to leave for whatever reason they will understand what they will be missing.

We have very few ties to Dallas and do not mind leaving. However, the one regret and the one thing that makes it exceedingly hard for us to leave Dallas is taking Kyle out of your school. I thank you for the time you spent with Kyle and we have confidence that even these four short months spent with you will continue to impact him throughout his life.

It is our sincere regret that he did not get to spend more time there but we are also thankful that he did get to spend the time he did there. You have a wonderful school and we hope to keep in touch somehow to let you know how the fruits of your labors are paying off in Kyle's continued development and also how you will continue to develop your school into more than just a school but rather a place which will positively impact the lives of all the children who come there.

Thank you for your work with Kyle and if you ever consider expanding and creating a new school, please consider Reno. We will be your first clients!

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Elizabeth Baltzer November 29, 2000

We adopted our little boy from Romania in May and he started NGMS in July. John could only say 3 words at that time, but now he knows at least 150 + and he is so happy.

I have no problems getting him to go to school; he is so excited to go he just loves it! I think that speaks volumes for a 2-year-old to love to go to school for how good the teachers and the director are at NGMS.

We cannot thank them enough for the confidence, caring and the love they have given our little boy! We know he will have a bright future with the great foundation he is getting at NGMS.

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Dyanne Tolleson July 18, 2000
Mother of Nicholas

I would like to share with you the feelings of our family, with regard to our grandson, Nicholas Tolleson, and North Garland Montessori School.

My husband and I have cared for our grandson for the majority of his life, and although he is only 4 years old, his life has indeed been tumultuous, if not tragic. There have been many situations and instances throughout his young life that have led him to exhibit uncommon behavior, emotional outbursts and depression. Through all of this however, he has shown great potential for learning and reasoning.

We have had Nicholas in many "day care" programs that proven disastrous. His self-esteem has taken a beating at the hands of such programs, and I must tell you that we were desperate to find a solution when Nicholas was enrolled in North Garland Montessori School.

Since he began classes at NGMS Nicholas' entire personality has changed. He has made tremendous strides (behavioral improvements) and formed new habits (manners, respect for others) that have made us so very proud--as well as grateful. Nicholas has always been a very caring and loving little boy, but (in the past) he would have so many outbursts in the span of a day that toward the end of the day I found myself exhausted and longing for us both to be asleep. But since attending NGMS there has been such an improvement that we can now function as a family in a much more loving, stable environment. It is very obvious that the structure of the programs offered is of great benefit to him.

Nicholas brings home his papers from school, explaining to us what he has made and is very anxious to share his accomplishments. We hang his papers up for everyone to see. He likes to share with us the events of the day, and tells me when he learns a new song or a phrase in French. This is so enjoyable to us to have him enjoy going to school!

Nicholas loves (challenging) building toys, and games that require logical thinking, and he seems to engage in these activities in the afternoons before I pick him up, (if he is not outside on a warm day). He is the only child in our home, so interaction with other children is limited except for school, and the occasional chance to visit with cousins. Nicholas genuinely cares for the other children at school. This is why I am so excited to have found an outlet that encourages his growth as an individual and learning new things(that may prove to be of great interest to him).

I want to take this opportunity to say that we profoundly appreciate you and your entire staff. The actions of a few can indeed impact so many, and as I watch Nicholas in the school setting....... I see that we have made one of the most intelligent and meaningful decisions that we have ever made by choosing this school.

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Ghassan & Davide Mroue July 13, 2000
Parents of Zack

We enrolled Zack on February 1st of this year (2000) He had just turned 3. We had never placed Zack in a daycare or school of any kind, so you could say we were completely apprehensive about childcare.

However, Zack was getting older and needed to develop social skills and be in an environment outside his home. So we looked at many schools (with disappointment) until we reached N.G.M.S. We were totally at ease with this school and all the teachers and students in it.

Zack has grown in so many ways that can only be attributed to the staff and curriculum here. Zack is so happy attending this school that when he gets up in the morning, he is in a good mood and anxious to begin his day with his teachers and friends.

He has made friends, learned his alphabet, numbers, songs, and how to go to the potty!! HOORAY! We are so proud of our son's achievements and that we enrolled him here.

Our only regret was that we didn't do it sooner. Many thanks to Mr. Manooch, Ms. Anne, Ms. Crystal, Mr. Chung, Ms. Fernandez and Ms. Rupa. You all really do make a difference.

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Gary & Sheila Short June 18, 2000
Parents of Dylan

I just wanted to drop a line to say how thrilled we are to have Dylan at NGMS. We had him in a small private daycare prior to NGMS, and we were apprehensive at first, putting him in a larger environment than what he was accustomed to with all the new faces.

Our fears were unfounded. He has flourished, and is learning at a tremendous rate. The kindness and respect he has received from the staff has given him the self-confidence to grow very happily. Now our only problem is talking him into leaving school each day.

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Jennifer & David Odhiambo June 6, 2000
Parents of Bianca

Bianca was one of the first students in your school, and has excelled beyond our expectations considering she was premature. (2 months early) We have genuinely appreciated all the teachers and times that we have had in your school, and the only reason that Bianca leaves is because she is so far ahead at this point academically, reading grade three books and math grade two -three level at 6 years.

The Garland Independent School suggested that we have her tested, also since her birthday falls after September 1st she would be delayed a year. Therefore when they accepted her at one of their exemplary schools we had to act immediately.

The NGMS is held in high regard by the GISD administration as they rarely accept students in the middle of the semester also she will be in grade two at six next semester, as opposed to going to grade one.

You have helped us in bringing up our child with exceptional values; no nonsense but extremely loving environment where education, independence, and positive interaction are reinforced daily. I was privileged to be part of the uniform committee and was happy that the school placed the parents concerns before their own.

The teamwork and genuineness of the staff to the parents only helps in the advancement of the child. She has made lifetime friends that she meets at birthday parties and the love among them is unmatched, she misses Alyssa, sees Lily, Shae, Michelle just to name a few.

It is difficult to express what your school does to kids, but I have seen firsthand kids coming in not knowing how to read or write and yet flourishing because of the patience of the teachers and the students, and in a few weeks they are able to.

I have many memories of Montessori, my worst being my attempt to pick up the child from school at 3pm or 4pm and Bianca in tears, as she begs me to let her stay in school, because she still wanted to read, or she had to play chess or plant in the garden and play with her friends.

At first I thought I needed therapy since my child did not want to go back home, she would hurry to school as early as possible and would leave at 6pm. I often felt very silly being three minutes away from the school, and being returned home over one hundred times (one can try). Anyway I also recall a number of parents who would at the beginning pick up their kids at three, and would laugh at me only to see them also being turned away...ha!

We appreciate the grand gesture of bringing her to the after-school for absolutely nothing, we are not only honored, but she is elated, and we will return as soon as she adjusts. The best memories have been carried on as I realized that this child did not want to watch TV at all, and being told to turn it off because she wanted to read.

It is amazing, in three weeks Bianca has read over 60 books... she is at 20 books a week and loves exploring new words and reads in the car, while visiting friends etc, your school made studying fun and this my husband and I owe your school, all the gratitude, because if the students do not get it when they are young then studying becomes a chore, a great recipe for failure.

Finally, We would like to extend our thanks to the staff at NGMS for the love, concern and education that you have given my family. How rare for a child to be in a school for three years and yet the parent have absolutely no problem whatsoever with the school.

You have an exceptional patient and loving staff, not to mention Mr. Manooch and Mrs. Hernandez who in the midst of difficult events placed the kids first, You are the best!!

NGMS is the best investment we ever made it has paid off. You gave her wings and now she can fly. She is well equipped.

Thank You...Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

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Tina & Andre Vaguine December 18, 1999

Both of our daughters attend North Garland Montessori. So far we are pleased with the results. Our oldest started with the school when she was 3 1/2 years old, she just turned five in February. She is already reading simple books and has mastered addition. She is currently learning subtraction.

Our youngest started when she was 3 years old, she just turned 4 in March. To our amazement she have learned all her letter sounds, and when she is at home she is able to sound out the words from her sister's beginner reading books.

We like how the Montessori method teaches the child to be an individual, it also teaches the child how to learn.

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Nannette Napier December 6, 1999
Mother of Alyssa and Sean

I hope this letter finds you doing well. Alyssa and Sean have both settled into a Montessori school near our home in Marietta GA. Covered Bridge Academy. Carlton Is on the waiting list for the toddler class.

After visiting schools in the Atlanta area, I am even more impressed with the quality and value that NGMS school offers. The teachers really provide individual care and attention based upon each child's ability.

At 5 Alyssa was placed in the lower elementary program and is finding the 2nd grade work easy.

Thanks again for giving her such a good start.

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Stella Lin July 23, 1999
Mother of Calvin

My husband and I want to thank you and your staff for giving my son Calvin such a wonderful learning environment. Calvin came to NGMS in fall of 1997 when he almost turned four.

He went to another day care center for almost a year before then but he still refused to go to that school every day.

It surprised me when Calvin liked to go to NGMS just right after he started but It did not surprise me after I felt the loving, nurturing, motivating, organizing, peaceful and disciplinary atmosphere myself that Calvin actually loves to go to school every day.

It has been almost two years now and within the past year I was so proud of Calvin and NGMS that Calvin grew and learned so much. He learned all the phonics (even though he corrects my pronunciation all the time) counting, and most important, how to be around with other kids.

He talked a lot of his friends and teachers at school whom obviously he has a very good relationship with.

I am very impressed by everyone working at NGMS. It is through these people that Calvin is learning everything from. They are friendly, professional and caring. I am so confident and comfortable to put my son in NGMS for 8 hours a day because I know he is with the "family".

Thank you, " Mr. Manooch", "Ms. Ann ",Ms. Rupa", "Ms. Hernandez" and all others…. for your hard work and dedication. God bless you all!

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Shawn King July 12, 1999
Father of Jordan

I wanted to take the time to thank you and your staff at NGMS.

My daughter Jordan started attending your school this past April. I have been truly grateful for having found your facility, with its enjoyable environment and friendly staff and students.

Jordan has benefited greatly from being a student at NGMS. The attitude and the approach used by the teachers are truly refreshing. The positive response to teaching is the element that is lacking in our educational system today.

I feel it is so important for children to be treated with respect and that is a priority at NGMS. This is an environment that encourages and stimulates young minds at the most crucial time. What they experience now will have a direct effect on their future and approach to education.

Thank you so much for giving my daughter a firsthand experience of what learning is all about.

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Rahul Wala July 15, 1999
Father of Kajal

My wife and I would like to thank you for allowing our daughter, Kajal to experience your school. It has surely been a wonderful experience for her. She has been benefited both academically and in the areas of discipline since her enrollment.

It is with our deep regrets that we have to take Kajal out of NGMS. since we are moving out of Garland.

We would like to thank you and all of your staff members for the patience, kindness and personal attention You have given to Kajal in trying to bring out the best in her.

Hope you continue with dedication, the good work of molding today's young minds into tomorrow's bright future.

Thank you once again for all that you have done.

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Kathryn Owen June 30, 1999
Parents of Savannah

My husband and I want to thank you for allowing our granddaughter, Savannah, to experience your school while we were in town. The quality of your teaching is outstanding and we wish that we could find the same for Savannah in California where we currently Reside. If we relocate permanently to the area, we would appreciate you and your staff considering accepting Savannah at your school. Again, thank you for sharing your school and your mission to educate children with us.

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Charles Sunwood April 27, 1999
Father of Arekson

I just like to express my appreciation for the fine program that you have at NGMS.

Arekson has been benefited phenomenally since his enrollment at NGMS. It is my deep regret that I take Arekson out of NGMS this coming fall.

In terms of academic excellence and individual attention teachers have on each child. I do not think there is a school which can top NGMS. I also like the fact that NGMS recognizes that each child has different ability and different rate at which one can absorb information, and incorporates this fact in teaching methods on a daily basis.

I believe one's religious walk should take precedence over education. That is the reason why I have decided to enroll Arekson at Trinity Christian Academy where the teachings of Jesus and education can walk in parallel.

I believe NGMS is an excellent place of children's education not only academically, but In the areas of discipline as well, which is what education is really about. It also has a tremendous potential for future growth.

It is rare to see man involved in primary education. Your presence and intimate involvement with the children are really a major strength of NGMS. I hope that you will continue to be intimately involved with each one of your students.

I would also like to thank Mrs. Hernandez and Ms. Anne for their kindness, personal attention and dedication to overall teaching of my son and the rest of the students.

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