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Negisa June 13, 2011
Former Student

I thought I should email you and let you know that six days ago, I graduated with an Honor Medal at the top 35% of my very competitive 1,000 student class from Plano West Senior Highschool! I was born and raised in Texas and I attended NGMS from first to third grades. As a result of this very advanced schooling my final GPA was 3.677 out of a possible 4.0 scale. I am fluent in Spanish, French, Farsi and English, so I am able to communicate with students and parents in different languages. When I look back, I see that the reason for my success was the valuable education I received right from the start at North Garland Montessori! I wanted to thank you for teaching me such valuable life lessons such as never giving up and always reminding me that no goal is unreachable, I would definitely not be where I am today if I hadn't started out at there, they taught me things no other school would teach, and at a faster pace. To my utter dismay,eight years ago, when I had to move from Garland to Plano, not only did I experience an immense and almost out of this world shock as I learned the differences of Mr. Manooch's wonderful and cozy school to a dry and stressful environment of a public school, but I also learned that the public school taught at a much slower rate and was behind Mrs. Aida's third grade class! Both my brother and I were bumped up a grade because we excelled far beyond the students in our grades!!

The teachers in public school were not like Mrs. Anne to give you warm hugs on your bad days, they just didn't care about their students in the sweet way that all of the teachers at North Garland Montessori did. Not to be confused, the public school education was good and overly competitive, but it was strictly survival of the fittest. If it wasn't for skills like: cleaning up after myself, respect, leadership skills, goal-setting and overall caring for the community, I would 100% not be where I am today, a proud graduate of not only Plano West Senior Highschool, but also North Garland Montessori School. Thank you for teaching me the valuable life lessons and skills I needed to know to thrive in today's overly competitive society, and I am extremely indebted to everyone at your wonderful school. I strongly reccomend this school for parents wanting to raise exceptional children, because Mr. Manooch's Montessori school works, I am proof!

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Carolina May 23, 2011
Former Student

I was just e-mailing you to say that I attended North Garland Montessori School (NGMS) 11 years ago. Today, I am very grateful for what I have accomplished and I am grateful I received my early education with you. I want to congratulate your program for having prepared me so well. Today, I live in McAllen, Texas. I attend an International Baccalaureate school and my brother, who was born in Dallas, is now 9 years old. I still remember the day Mr. Manooch and the staff (way back in the day) threw Mrs. Martha (my mom) a babyshower and guided her on her path to a driver's license. I hope to see you again soon, until then, bye. Lots of hugs and kisses to Mrs. Anne, Mr. Manooch, Mrs. Aida and all those I forgot to mention.

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