School Achievements
We are proud of our school and students
Featured In The Vietnamese Magazine "Tre"

It can be said that NGMS is one of the best private schools where students are well trained and can obtain full education if we want to compare to public Kindergarten and Elementary schools. All of the students are naturally active but very self-disciplined and very clean. I saw one student politely asked the teacher if he could wipe the board and put away the material after a math lesson.

There are some students who were diagnosed as Special-Ed students in other schools, after attending North Garland Montessori School, their behavior and academics have changed beyond the expectation of parents.

At North Garland Montessori School, students can choose subjects and topics upon their interest. They are all engaged, participate in their works, and proudly show off their works to visitors. Some small students not only gave me a hug, they also hugged the teacher and their classmates. In communication, students are trained to speak in a clear, decent voice and not to disturb others.

Mr. Manooch Varasteh, founder and Director of NGMS since 1997, said “We want to build the warm atmosphere for this school in which everyone feel as a member of a family. The standard of school is set high. When the student leaves our school, I want them to be successful. All of the teachers have to attend required courses such as Educational philosophy of Montessori Method to teach at NGMS. Many teachers live far away and are residents of The Colony, Arlington or Allen.”

NGMS accepts students from 18 months to 10 years. Most of students and teachers are from different cultures and different countries. Primary and Elementary students learn German, and Chinese, as foreign languages. With the Montessori Method, students are introduced to the math since the age of three. Along with regular classes, students are trained to be independent, responsible, and respectful.

(Translated to English from Vietnamese with the help of one of our own teachers, Ms. Hoang.)

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